Oprah Winfrey Said “White People Should Die”, And She’s Not Joking


Billionaire Oprah Winfrey Said She Hopes White People DIE!

People like Oprah reach A LOT OF PEOPLE in the world. She know’s she has a voice that can carry. That’s the problem. Bad people are awarded these kinds of opportunities to spread hatred from others that happen to disagree with her. This is no accident. Oprah has always felt this way. She’s spoken out against White People for decades.

We have always knows Oprah Winfrey to be an icon who has been looked up by many. While her public view has been received as ‘fair’ and possibly even ‘nobel’ sometimes, Oprah has been known by many conservatives to be nothing but a famous racist woman.

The clip you are about to watch proves exactly that. We definitely think that racism is an issue that should be considered but arguably not as aggressive as the left spews on about.

The language that Oprah uses to attack american’s and essentially everyone she labels as ‘racists’, is shocking and in extremely poor taste. We find it hilarious what she considered to be ‘extremists’ when Oprah herself is an extreme individual.

Watch the video now:


The video does take a leap by saying “White people need to die” when in all reality she did more of a subtle jab towards who she considers racist… which at the end of the day, in her opinion, is white people.

Regardless of how you feel about whether it was a blatant jab at white americans or a subtle one, it was still an extremely racist and violent thing to say. This video is a great example of starting a great point (Racism has to end) and ending up in a completely ridiculous conclusion (White people need to die). VIA



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