Liberalism: Seattle’s New Sugary Drink Tax EXPOSED By Costco

Sugary Drink Tax

Seattle Started Off The New Year With A Bang.

The UBER LIBERAL Metropolitan City felt it was their duty to add a sugary drink tax like New York City. What they didn’t bargain for what Costco putting them on blast. The retail chain decided they would add exactly why their products are so expensive. The label reads ” City Of Seattle Sweetened Beverage Recovery Fee” to make sure their shoppers understand how the city is screwing them over.

Sugary Drink Tax

Hopefully, the people of Seattle now see why Liberals keep losing. I doubt it since they’ve kept voting the same people in over, and over and over again. It’s no wonder Seattle is more expensive than Los Angeles or Austin, Texas.

Digital Politics Daily: 

On January 1, Seattle’s new ‘Sugary Drink Tax’ went into effect. Why? Seattle leftists want to dictate behavior and stop people from drinking soda because it can be unhealthy. So by taxing the soda, they are hoping to deter people from drinking it. But now, thanks to Costco, customers know exactly how much the city is soaking them for with the tax.

Costco in Seattle put up signs delineating exactly how the tax would cost people and Costco invited people to shop at its warehouse centers outside the city.

Soda drink lovers all over the city are now being forced to go outside of the city to purchase their favorite drink. Some are even ordering offline to show they’re not going to let the city council stop them from consuming soft drinks.

Sugary Drink Tax

The Blaze Reports: 

How bad is it?

Pricing labels at a Seattle Costco have garnered much attention because they show just how much soda and other sugary drinks now cost Seattle residents. A CBS News manager tweeted pictures showing the price increase of two drinks.

In the first case, the price of a case of Dr. Pepper (36 cans) nearly doubled. According to the picture, Costco sells the soda for $9.99. But with an added tax of $7.56, the soda now costs customers $17.55. In the second case, Costco sells a case of Gatorade for $15.99. But the tax adds $10.34 to the price, which brings the total cost to $26.33.



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Despite the steep new prices, Costco was there to remind customers who live in the Seattle city limits that the tax doesn’t apply to its nearby locations outside the city.


Once again this proves that Liberalism is A CANCER! No one is allowed to live their lives how they want without being punished by regulation brought on by DEMOCRATS! I visited Seattle in 2011 and was blown away at how hateful liberals really are there. I wouldn’t even call them liberals. They’re COMMUNIST!

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