GOP Rep Slams FBI: ‘The FBI was actively planning in a systematic way’ to plant stories against Trump


If you look a little closer, you can see the “Insurance Policy” described by disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok, and his girlfriend, Lisa page.

The text messages reveal something much more significant than just the fake Dossier. This was an insurance policy hatched out only in case Donald Trump won the white house.

On Tuesdays “The Story With Martha MacCallum, Ohio Republican Congressman Jim Jordan explained exactly how the text messages showed that “The FBI was actively planning in a systematic way” to plant fake news stories in the Wall Street Journal, and many other liberal rags that would trigger long, but pointless investigations in hopes of bringing down President Trump during his first term. The only problem with that is President Trump is no idiot. He’s more than ready to fight anything coming his way. We’ve watched the fallout with CNN, and The New York Times. There isn’t anyone that can bring him down except maybe himself, but I digress.


 “I leave that up to Senator Feinstein and the Judiciary Committee in the Senate.,” Jordan said in response to MacCallum’s question about Dianne Feinstein’s decision to release Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson’s closed-door testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee. “What I do know and what I found most interesting about what I have been able to read thus far is the fact Glenn Simpson said Christopher Steele told him the FBI had another source. How did Christopher Steele know that? Did the FBI tell him? If they did, why is the FBI telling Christopher Steele, the guy who was paid by Fusion who was paid by the Clinton campaign, why is the FBI telling Christopher Steele they got another source on this whole Russia investigation? I think that is interesting and something we need to get to the bottom of.”

“Yeah it goes to the larger question of whether or not there was a coordinated effort between these intelligence agencies and, perhaps, including the FBI and the Clinton campaign to dig up dirt on Donald Trump, right?,” asked MacCallum.

“Exactly,” said Jordan. “And I think when you couple what Senator Feinstein released today with the story John Solomon wrote this morning on additional text messages we have now reviewed, where they talk about planting stories. Peter Strzok and Lisa Page in their text message exchange talk about planting stories with the media to further their narrative. What was their narrative and what was their plan? It was the insurance policy that was designed to make sure that we can’t take the risk the American people are going to elect Donald Trump president. So now this all fits together. So that’s what I found most interesting today is those text messages that John Solomon wrote about, along with what Senator Feinstein released and how it fits this idea that the FBI was actively planning and orchestrating in a systematic way this idea we are going to generate stories that further our narrative and the plan we have.”

Here Is The Text Message Between Peter Strzok, and Lisa Page

Demcorats want you to believe President Trump is the worst of the worst. We now know they will do anything to make sure that happens. They will plant stories, and spreak fake news to destory any credibiblity. Little did they know the American people are not stupid. We would figure it out, and now that we have, they’re in panic mode.



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