Cosby Tells Reporter: ‘Don’t put me on #MeToo’ After Handshake…

Bill Cosby

You Can’t Deny Bill Cosby Is Hilarious. One Of The Funniest Guys On The Planet.

ReguardlessOf Your Ill Feelings Towards Him, Just Give Him That.

Feminist started the #METOO movement to combat Sexual Assault, and raise awareness. We all know what Cosby has been accused of. That hasn’t stopped him from being a funny guy. He’s cracking jokes left, and right. What’s wrong with someone making light of the situation?

Reporters were tipped off to the dinner plans of the 80-year-old entertainer. Cameramen greeted him at the curb and one of his party recorded him with a cellphone camera at the table.

Cosby told jokes over an entrée of penne and sausage in the largely empty dining room. He reminisced with his dinner companions — a childhood friend and a few publicists — about growing up at 10th and Parrish Streets, and welcomed other diners to stop by to snap selfies. But while reporters hovered awkwardly at a table nearby, the topic that drew them there remained largely off the menu. VIA

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