Cosby Tells Reporter: ‘Don’t put me on #MeToo’ After Handshake…

You Can’t Deny Bill Cosby Is Hilarious. One Of The Funniest Guys On The Planet.

ReguardlessOf Your Ill Feelings Towards Him, Just Give Him That.

Feminist started the #METOO movement to combat Sexual Assault, and raise awareness. We all know what Cosby has been accused of. That hasn’t stopped him from being a funny guy. He’s cracking jokes left, and right. What’s wrong with someone making light of the situation?

Reporters were tipped off to the dinner plans of the 80-year-old entertainer. Cameramen greeted him at the curb and one of his party recorded him with a cellphone camera at the table.

Cosby told jokes over an entrée of penne and sausage in the largely empty dining room. He reminisced with his dinner companions — a childhood friend and a few publicists — about growing up at 10th and Parrish Streets, and welcomed other diners to stop by to snap selfies. But while reporters hovered awkwardly at a table nearby, the topic that drew them there remained largely off the menu. VIA

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