Barack Obama’s Presidential Library Could Cost Tax Payers 1 BILLION Dollars.

Presidential Library

Barack Obama’s Greatest Accomplishment Was Building The Countries Largest Republican Party.

The Ameican People Had To Deal With Eight Years Of Race-Baiting, Higher Taxes, Islamic Terrorism, And A Rise Of Gun Violence.

The total disrespect for the American Police Force is enough to never name a street or building after the former President.

The entire Obama era was full of scandals and screwing of the American people. What’s even worse is we still have to pay him $400k a year for life. How is that fair? Now, Obama going to make the taxpayers pay another 350 MILLION dollars for his presidential library, and Upward of One Billion Dollars.

Chicago Tribune:

Recently it was revealed that President Barack Obama intends to raise $1 billion to build his library and fund the associated endowment. Let me say this again: The president intends to raise one billion dollars for his library.

The collective public response to this news was a big ho-hum. Everyone simply assumes former presidents will build monuments to themselves. But despite being a student of presidential history and a supporter of Obama, I think it’s time to put an end to this modern-day version of the Egyptian pyramids.

  • The project’s main building, a 235-foot-high, eight-story structure. Architects Tod Williams and Billie Tsien had originally said the tower would be 160 to 180 feet tall. The building will house a museum of exhibitions and artifacts telling the Obamas’ story, along with civil rights and African-American history. The tower is “better proportioned” to the site than it was in earlier renderings, Nesbitt says.

  • A two-story forum building with meeting spaces, an auditorium and a public restaurant.

  • A two-story library, possibly built in partnership with the Chicago Public Library. Both the forum and library will be covered with usable, accessible parkland, a move that adds an extra acre of green space to Jackson Park.

  • A public outdoor plaza for informal and planned public gatherings. Planned play areas, clumped together in earlier versions, are now scattered around the campus to be more accessible and less congested, Nesbitt says.

  • A two-story athletic building partially submerged and covered with a green roof.

  • A woodland trail for cyclists and pedestrians on the east side of the campus, which follows the current Cornell Drive, to honor the carriage-walk design envisioned by Jackson Park architects Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux.

  • An underground parking facility located between the library and athletic center. The foundation had planned to build the garage above ground on the Midway Plaisance but on Jan. 8 announced it would locate the structure underground in deference to community wishes.

Seems a little extreme doesn’t it?  George W. Bush raised around 500 million for his library without the State paying for a dime. Why can’t Barack Obama do the same? In the beginning, his library was going to cost around 1 billion dollars total. Don’t get me wrong. I think Presidental Libraries are wonderful. I’ve visited a few in my lifetime, and so far I’ve been very impressed. I think they’re a great way to learn about the Administration’s accomplishments. I think it’s a great field trip for students learning about The Federal Government. The price tags are just unrealistic. Looking at President Clinton’s… you would think you were visiting a trailer on a hill. John F. Kennedys is beautiful but lacks the information you really want.  President Reagans is one to die for.

You be the judge. Visit A Presidental Libary near you!

Chicago Business: 

On Jan. 8, a group of 120-plus University of Chicago professors released a letter urging the foundation to explore other sites on the South Side. “We would be pleased to support the Obama Center if the plan genuinely promoted economic development in our neighborhoods and respected our precious public urban parks,” the letter said. Nesbitt, who is married to Anita Blanchard, a physician and professor of obstetrics and gynecology at University of Chicago, notes that the university has 24,000 faculty members and administrative professionals. “Every voice is important,” Nesbitt says. “We want to sit down and engage with these folks.”

The center’s present site in Jackson Park is a done deal. “It is an underutilized piece of land,” Nesbitt says. “Once people get comfortable with the details and the thought that has gone into it, they will see that it will be an improvement over its current condition.”

The documents filed are the required Planned Development and Lakefront Protection Ordinance applications. Their filing marks a major step toward groundbreaking on the 22-acre campus, which is expected to take place later this year. The campus, with buildings designed by Williams and Tsien, is expected to open in 2021.

Nesbitt estimated the cost of the project at around $350 million, and said private donations to the foundation will cover site development and construction. Infrastructure costs, for instance the proposed and controversial closing of Cornell Drive, will be covered by the city and state. “We encourage that,” Nesbitt says. “We think the South Side is long overdue for investment in infrastructure.”


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