WATCH: Antifa CUCK Gets His Ass Kicked By Patriot

‘Now that’s what I call being “culturally enriched”‘

ANTIFA has shown once again that – regardless of how many self-defense classes they take – scrawny weaklings will always be scrawny weaklings.

Obviously, everyone supports the First Amendment – even if it means that communist trash like Antifa is allowed to poison minds with their socialist drivel.  Fortunately, the First Amendment ends once you put your hands on someone else.  And it looks like AIDS Skrillex’s cousin ran into someone who is not impressed by SJWs wearing black and shouting at people.  That’s quite a left!!

ANTIFA fascist getting culturally enriched. 😎 👌

Posted by The Conservative Choice: President Donald Trump on Sunday, May 14, 2017

By setting the precedent that they are willing to fight so-called “fascism” (anything that they don’t agree with is “fascist”) “by all means necessary,”  they run the risk of this type of thing happening over and over…  Let’s just hope that there is always a camera rolling to catch the cucks getting their just desserts!!

I could watch this video all day long.

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