Agents Storm Puerto Rican Warehouse, Politicians BUSTED In Huge Horrific Scandal

Looks Like The Puerto Rican Government Took A Page Out Of The Clinton Handbook.

Millions of dollars and supplies have been discovered missing or being sold for higher prices. It’s a shame when you allow a Government to take control of the situation. The media along with Liberals in Puerto Rico really thought they would bring down President Trump. They didn’t Trump played them well, and came out on top like usual. It’s a shame the people of Puerto Rico are screwed over by their Democratic Politicians. The only Republicans there can’t get a leg up. Oh well, I guess if you vote them in then you deserve everything that’s coming to you.


The terror left from the storm’s destruction caused other damaging uprisings as well. Although the power was turned on in businesses, schools, and homes, the dishonesty and lack of ability of the government in Puerto Rico has been brought to the surface.

A report has discovered that in the previous week, federal gov. officials constructed “a massive store of rebuilding materials” which were necessary to rebuild the electrical grid on the island. It was put away and buried unseen in secret by the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority. The Puerto Rico state-owned business is run by the territory’s own government.

Via theviralpatriots:

It was confirmed by USACE spokesman Luciano Vera that once federal agents received this information, they proceeded to raid the PREPA’s warehouse along with a security detail. They then “began distributing supplies to contractors.”

The Intercept reported on the matter, quoting Vera as having said, “Among the materials recovered so far are ‘2,875 pieces of critical material to contractors’ along with the sleeves of full-tension steel, a component of Puerto Rican electrical infrastructure required to erect new power lines.”

About fifty percent of Puerto Ricans were still without electricity when this encounter reportedly occurred.

Moving on to Wednesday of this week when power was finally restored in the Academia Bautista de Puerto Nuevo in San Juan, students and teachers were overjoyed.

It was reported by the Washington Examiner that by Wednesday, “83 percent of the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority customers had power.”

This is a huge improvement, but no thanks can be given to the local government.

This isn’t even the worst of it, unfortunately. The Intercept stated that even “(a)s PREPA hoards crucial resources that could help remedy the island’s dire situation,” Puerto Rico’s government “is attempting to annihilate the power provider’s only regulator.”

Former Puerto Rico state Senator Ramón Luis Nieves stated “When the current administration was in the opposition, they opposed all the energy reform bills” when referring to the so-called New Progressive Party.

He went on, “Now that they are in power, they have been trying to eliminate the energy regulator and the reforms that were passed.”

Another interesting piece of information is that because of PREPA’s hoarding of supplies, some Puerto Rican mayors attempted “taking matters into their own hands, reportedly buying grid restoration supplies out of municipal budgets” reported the Intercept.

It sounds to me like local elected officials used personal initiative to get something done in spite of a governmental system that cannot seem to function properly.

It shouldn’t come as much of a shock that the list did not include San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz. Cruz has made it her personal goal to waste the time and resources of Americans by constantly attacking President Donald Trump and his administration rather than sticking to what she should be doing… her job.



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  1. It is most disturbing how Progressive Socialists are so willing to abuse those who are in the most need to only progress their own fortunes. How can naïve persons who need a hand up be convinced that Progressive Socialists providing hand outs are not looking out for their best interest?

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