Watch: Naked Man Rides On The Back Of Truck Going Down Highway

Naked Man

This Gives A Whole New Meaning To “Hauling Bare Ass Down The Road”

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A naked man in Fairfax County, Va., rode on the back of a truck going down a highway, causing cars to crash, according to police Tuesday.

An unidentified naked man caused quite a commotion on Route 28 while sitting on the top of a flatbed truck and striking the top of the vehicle. The naked man was originally involved in a car crash that turned violent when he allegedly assaulted another driver involved in the crash, according to police, reported NBC Washington.

Despite the cold temperature, the man stripped, jumped on a passing truck, damaged it and eventually got off the vehicle and fled the scene, reported WTOP.



The incident happened between Old Ox and Frying Pan Roads around 3:30 p.m Tuesday. Truck driver Tariq Hussein captured the incident in a video on his cellphone.

Authorities arrested the man Tuesday night after finding him on the Dulles International Airport property. Charges are currently pending. The suspect was also taken to the hospital and had non-threatening injuries.



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