WATCH: Cancer COULDN’T Stop This Quarterback From Becoming A State Champion!


Small Town Texas Football Is Where It’s AT!

Rockdale, Texas is one of those small towns in central Texas where everyone knows your name, and High School football is EVERYTHING! I happen to be from this little town. Everyone has their “Small Town Stories”, but I have one that will warm your heart.

Let me first say Congratulations to the Rockdale Tigers Varsity Football Team for their PHENOMENAL win in Dallas against Brock. The Tigers played hard, and in the end became STATE CHAMPS! I’m so proud to have been apart of this little town, and I hope there are many great wins after this season.

Gunner Miller is the son of the Tigers head coach Jeff Miller. Miller was on the track to becoming the Quarterback for the Tigers when cancer decided it had other plans.  Gunner, was diagnosed with bone cancer in 2015. Luckily by the grace of God, Gunner is in remission and Thursday night, he took the final snap for the Tigers.

Rockdale’s last State Title Was 41 years Ago in 1976

The Tigers beat Brock 45-29!


The small Texas town was in need of this After the news, the Coal Plant will be closing its doors after Christmas. Rockdale is a town that will bounce back, and one thing for sure… We will celebrate this Victory for years to come!

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