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The Narcissist Barack Obama has always been into himself. For eight years, we heard how amazing he is, and how he’s saving the American people from the Busy economy ETC.

There were so many times Barack Obama made it all about himself, and not the American people.

We got so used to it, that now, we see someone who’s actually doing something for the American people.

Guess who’s taking credit for it? Barack Obama!

No, no thanks, Obama, but Thank You, President Trump.

Allen West:

Despite Obama’s statement, President Donald Trump is the one being credited with the recent uptick in the economy. The stock marked has gained nearly 30 percent in value since Trump was elected last year and the jobless rate has dropped to a 17-year low, according to The Washington Times.”

First of all, what type of person stands before a crowd, and thanks himself, especially for something he did not do? I recall the aftermath of the November 2016 election when the liberal progressive media proclaimed that the stock markets would crash and there would be an economic disaster…hardly. There’s no conscious way that Barack Obama can take claim for what happened just days after it was confirmed: President-elect Donald Trump.

Barack Obama once again proves himself as truly the “father of delusion.” Here was a man who took his entire eight years blaming one Republican president, George W. Bush, and now takes credit away from another Republican president, Donald J. Trump. Look, even the most ardent and faithful Obama supporter MUST admit that clearly shows a level of intellectual dishonesty and mental instability. And for Obama to publicly state such, knowing his comments would be replayed just shows us his arrogance of officialdom. Sadly, Barack Obama is a man in search for relevance.

The real economic story is glaring when it comes to Obama. He took a $10.67 trillion debt and increased it to $19.5 trillion. He never achieved 3 percent economic growth for our economy, never. President Obama’s first four years ran massive deficits that ranged from $1 trillion to $1.4 trillion, and now we hear Democrats upset about a GOP tax cut bill that has a $1.5 trillion increase in the deficit…over the next ten years? Where were they when Obama and his Labor Department were fudging numbers over unemployment, and Obama’s all-time low labor force participation rate? What we did have were more Americans cast onto food stamps, into poverty, and unable to live and enjoy the American dream.

Does anyone remember Obama’s “summer of recovery?” Yes, I know, it sounds more like a Beach Boys song. Obama holds the record for the worst economic recovery post-World War II in U.S. history. And I know, there are those of you, progressive socialists, who will not agree with my facts. Obama counted part-time employment in his jobs growth numbers, when, as I stated, the labor force participation rate showed something different. And just so you’ll understand, you cannot have an unemployment rate drop and a drop in the labor force participation rate….it’s not mathematically possible.

Remember the “shovel-ready jobs?” Yes, Obama sat on a stage and made a joke saying he guessed those jobs weren’t so “shovel-ready” after all. I think ol’ Barry Soetoro should thank President Trump for his regulatory reforms that have yielded such a massive economic recovery which has resulted in Obama’s 401k growing. There’s no possible way Obama can assert that his failed economic policies of wealth redistribution have enabled three-quarters of 3 percent GDP growth since his departure. That’s what we call YGTBSM stupid. Unless, Obama is somehow admitting free market economics wins out over his progressive socialist, Marxist, economic principles? The trillion dollars of stimulus — what did we get? The massive wealth redistribution scheme called Obamacare has been an even more massive failure with increased health insurance rates and some areas without any coverage, or just one health insurance provider. It has hardly been affordable, certainly not providing patient protection.


I would almost feel pity for Obama save for his gross arrogance. Here’s a man watching himself become irrelevant and worse, all that he “accomplished” being revealed as a failure, and being dismantled. The exhibits in the Barack Obama Presidential Library will more so resemble a museum of extinction, right up there with the wooly mammoth and the caveman.

But my true advice for President Obama? Do like Jimmy Carter and go out there and start building homes, as the economy is now improving I’m quite sure he can find lots of work.

The other piece of advice for former President Barack Hussein Obama comes from the wisest man who ever lived, King Solomon, and yes, the capital of the Jewish nation was Jerusalem. Wise King Solomon states in Proverbs 17:28 (NIV), “Even fools are thought wise if they keep silent, and discerning if they hold their tongues.”

The ol’ folks down South would put it rather bluntly: “better for a stupid person to keep their mouth shut, than open it and confirm their stupidity.”

Hey Barry, do us all a favor, shut your pie hole and have a good life.


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