VICTORY: Christmas will come early for Americans!

Republicans can break out the champagne and celebrate as they are about to achieve the biggest victory in over three decades!

Some said it was going to be impossible. A lot of us doubted them. However, they pulled together and passed the Tax Reform Bill. That is right! We are one step closer to finally seeing relief from years of over taxation. The bill passed almost along party lines. The final tally was 51-49.VICTORY: Christmas will come early for Americans!

President Trump praised the Senate. Trump continues to push hard for this bill as it will be the biggest tax reform this nation has ever seen. He wants to have this bill on his desk by Christmas. Trump sent out a tweet Saturday morning celebrating the excited news and showing his support.


Even though Trump celebrates, he still gave a stern warning to Democrats. Trump warned that if they do not vote for this bill, it will only hurt their chances at reelection. He continues to state that Democrats are voting against helping the American people.


Fox News:

Senate Republican leaders on Sunday touted a GOP-led Congress perhaps finally in sync and ready to hit two key deadlines — approving a spending bill to keep the government from shutting down after Friday and the House and Senate agreeing on landmark tax-reform legislation by Christmas.

House and Senate lawmakers return to Capitol Hill on Monday to begin working on a compromise bill — just two days after GOP senators narrowly approved their chamber’s plan on a 51-to-49 vote. The House, which has a larger Republican majority, approved its version last month.

Congress has not passed major tax reform in roughly three decades, and Trump is eager and equally optimistic about success.

Also on Sunday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell sounded confident that Congress will get enough bipartisan support to pass a temporary spending bill before the federal government runs out of money on Friday, amid concerns that Democrats will withhold votes unless the measure included a fix to the expiring immigration program known as the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA.

This is the greatest piece of legislation. After years of being taxed so much, we are finally going to get relief. President Trump is truly a man that can get things done. He is twisting arms and banging heads to get things done. He is the greatest president ever!

However, he shouldn’t try to work with those idiot Democrats. Let them all fail! It is very clear they are against helping the middle class. The last Administration did nothing at all to help us. We had to continue to suffer and barely scrape by. We chose Trump for a reason, and, as always, he is delivering.

Even though the Senate passed the bill, it was a long journey to do so.

The Senate’s Tax Reform Bill faced many hurdles. Some Republicans were very hesitant to vote for it. Then things turned worse. A report was released that the bill could add a lot more debt to the economy, and immediately Republicans had to jump into action. There was a lot of last second deals. One was adding a $10,000 deduction on local property taxes. Other smaller deals were made to fix the debt issue, and win over Republicans.

In the end it passed almost along party lines. All Democrats voted against the bill, of course. However, One rogue Republican Senator voted against this bill. That Senator is Bob Corker from Tennessee. Yes, we all know who this backstabber is. He is the Senator that has been against Trump since day one. Well joke is on him because the bill still passed.


Fox News:

President Trump celebrated the Senate’s middle-of-the-night passage of a sweeping tax overhaul by calling it the “the largest tax decrease in the history of our country by far” and predicting Democrats could be harmed in future elections for not backing it.

The Senate bill passed early Saturday after last-minute changes were made to the legislation to win the support of nearly every Republican. All Democrats voted against the bill, and only one Republican, Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker, opposed it.

Ahead of the vote, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell worked throughout the week to win over skeptical Republicans by making changes to the bill.

Sen. Susan Collins of Maine said she won an agreement from leaders to add a $10,000 deduction for local property taxes, one of her key demands.

The original Senate bill wouldn’t have allowed the property tax deductions.

There would also be lower taxes on companies with owners that pay individual tax rates on profits, and a more gradual elimination of tax breaks for firms buying equipment.

This is how Democracy works! I am so happy to see the Republicans working together. They are united and want to help every American out there. President Trump is doing an amazing job uniting congress. Real change is finally coming! People can continue to fight Trump, but as we all know, he will always win!

These tax cuts will benefit us in so many ways, make our economy grow, and guarantee Republican control for years to come. So here’s to you Trump and the Republican Party. Thank you for all your hard work!


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