Sarah Huckabee Sanders Suffers Another Vicious Attack… Needs Our Support

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Liberals Have No Shame When It Comes To Bullying Others. They Will Bully Anyone That Doesn’t Agree With Them, Then Promote Anti-Bullying Projects. If You’re A Conservative Then you Deserve To Be Bullied In Their Opinion.


Liberal comedian Chelsea Handler just got reality check thanks to the ever-feisty Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

White House spokeswoman, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, has been the target of cruel and insensitive jokes at the hands of liberal comedian Chelsea Handler but she isn’t just going to sit around and take the uncalled for abuse. Having a difference of political opinion in no way grants someone the right to be a bully for the sole purpose that another disagrees. The Democratic Party consists of a bunch of over-privileged Americans who defend harsh actions toward illegals who are CRIMINALS, while simultaneously doing the exact same thing to people from their own country.


In the spoof video, Handler is acting like her usual vile self. She actually refers to Sanders’ face as a “big, fat biscuit” which resembles a man’s face. This woman calls herself a comedian and a feminist, but I don’t see anything funny or encouraging to women in her actions.

The character who is representing Sanders on the show, Feimster, rubs makeup all over her face and then states, “Right now my skin is dry. It’s like Puerto Rico before that one rainy day they had. Put it all over your face. My face is a big, fat biscuit.”

She proceeds to use a bottle of foundation making extremely racist comparisons between the make-up and and Founding Fathers by saying, “This is the foundation and just like the foundation of America, it’s Republican, it’s strong, and it’s white.”

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