Sanders Lectures Republicans On Taxes, Trump Jr Put’s Him In His Place


The U.S Senate Passed A Sweeping Tax Bill that has Democrats in an uproar.

Many Democrat has come out, and slammed the president’s tax bill, and have accused Republicans of destroying the middle class.

The House and Senate now have to come together to combine the two bills into one amazing tax cut for the American people. President Trump has kept his promise to cut taxes for everyone in the United States. Can we say V for Victory? Not the Democrats. Nancy Pelosi has accused Republicans of passing a GOPTaxScam bill. But wait, there’s more.  She’s also accused the GOP of betraying the middle class.

My question is this. When looking at the United States as a whole. Who owns Gentrification? Democrats. What has happened to places like Austin, Texas where the liberals have raised taxes every year, and have pushed the lower, and middle class to other towns around Austin? Democrats. It’s happened in every single major city across America. Liberals seem to have a problem admitting they’re the real enemies of the middle class. Raising taxes on the rich not only hurt the middle class but destroys jobs. They’ve been touting redistribution of wealth for decades. It’s failed every step of the way. They then blame Republicans. Enough is Enough.

Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders had this to say


  Scott Presler an openly Gay Republican, and staunch Trump supporter came out attacking Sanders and schooling him on socialism.

Donald Trump JR. Came out swinging. Bernie got schooled!

Allen West

Liberals have made all kinds of comments on how the rich (in which category they would really lump in a lot of the middle class) are somehow ripping off the poor and middle class.

How can allowing people to keep more of the money that they themselves made equal looting?

And it is already middle-class and the wealthy who are paying virtually all the taxes already and covering those who are not.

Socialists who come from a base ideology that has failed all over the world and has resulted in the deaths of millions perhaps shouldn’t preach.


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