First Lady Melania Trump Just DESTROYED Race-Baiting Idiot Beyonce!

Melania Trump

America’s First Lady, Melania Trump Really Is A Gem!

First Lady Melania Trump Made Sure Beyonce aka “Bae” ( Danish For POOP ) Understands Her Place! Last. Dead Last!

The Gallup poll has been wrong many of times, but not this time. First Lady Melania Trump has been named most admired person of the year beating BEYONCE! Yeah, That race-baiting bimbo that talks on stage, and pretends to be an “artist” was shown up by our beautiful first lady. Made the baby factory bae needs to work a little harder to be admired. I pity the idiot. 


Joining [Hillary] Clinton, Queen Elizabeth II and Winfrey in the Top 10 this year are Michelle Obama, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, first lady Melania Trump, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and Beyonce Knowles. Trump, Haley and Knowles are new to the Top 11.

Haley — who also beat out Middleton and Beyonce to earn the No. 9 spot — is mentioned twice. Aside from making the Top 11, Haley was also named by 3 percent of Republicans as their most admired woman.

The Gallup story mostly focuses on the winners of the “most admired” men and women poll, which again this year was Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, respectively.

In Obama’s case, his win over President Donald Trump was by only 3 percent and Michelle Obama’s 7 percent was just two percentage points less than Clinton.

Also, Gallup reported that Clinton won most admired in the same poll that showed a personal low favorable rating of 36 percent, according to Gallup, and the shift in rankings:

But Clinton’s and Obama’s standings this year are more tenuous than in the past. The 9% who name Clinton is the lowest percentage she has received since 2002, when 7% named her in another close first-place finish. Clinton won the title this year in the same poll she registered a personal low favorable rating. This indicates she remains top of mind for enough people who like her to be named more than any other woman in response to the open-ended question, finishing ahead of some women who may be better liked overall but are not as prominent in people’s minds.

Melania Trump

The percentage of adults naming Obama as the most admired man is down from 22% last year, but he has been at or near 17% in several other years.

The survey was based on telephone interviews conducted Dec. 4-11, 2017, from a random sample of 1,049 adults, aged 18 and older, living in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia.

The margin of sampling error is plus or minus four percentage points with a 95% confidence level, Gallup reported.


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