ISIS Kills 250 Children By Kneading Them To Death In Bread Machine Then Burns Adults Alive


Barack Obama’s JV Team “ISIS” Is living up to their standards. Murdering innocent Christians every chance they get.

Just Remember, Barack Obama called them the “JV Team” and Americans need nothing to be alarmed about!





Honestly, it doesn’t get any more shocking than this, and anyone who can do this to an innocent child has lost their minds.

The mother claims that the maniacs are locking up the Christian children, then when they have tormented the kids enough, they take them and throw them into grinding machines, crushing their little bodies as they scream for their lives.

Any person in their right mind who thinks Islam is a “religion of peace” needs to think again. These people need to understand that this is not a proper way to treat others, especially innocent children. Liberty One News

Reported by redstatepundit:

Assaf told a reporter how ISIS turned a bakery into a death shop of horrors, putting children into machines for kneading dough and turning them on to crush the hapless kids inside. Men were baked to death inside ovens.

Their crime was merely Christianity and it echoes other horrific stories told across the rest of Syria and Iraq. The terrorists remain notorious for their brutality, for it is not enough to merely kill people, the killings must be performed in the most horrific manner so as to terrorize others.

Two years ago, ISIS terrorists took over Assaf’s town in Syria. Alice Assaf told her son George to hide and arranged for him to be hidden by friendly Muslims. However, the family betrayed George and he was captured. His mother had pleaded with him to change his name to a Muslim sounding-one, but he refused. George’s last words to his mother were: “I don’t want to hide. You are the one who taught me to follow what Christ said, ‘whoever denies me before men, I will also deny them before Heaven.’”

George Assaf was beaten, then shot.

Others fared even worse. As ISIS took over the town bakery, they converted it into a shop of horror, they rounded up the six bakers working there and executed them in their own ovens. When they began gathering Christian children at the bakery, some local soldiers attempted to rescue the kids. To discourage the soldiers, the terrorists began throwing children off nearby balconies. The horrifying tactic worked and allowed the terrorists to murder 250 kids in the bakery’s dough machine.

NY Post did a piece making sure Americans understood the dangers of ISIS!

ISIS barbarians used an industrial dough kneader to kill 250 children, and roasted adults in a bakery oven, according to a shocking new report.

In an interview with the humanitarian organization Roads of Success, Syrian mom Alice Assaf went into chilling detail about the atrocities the jihadists committed about two years ago in the town of Douma, explaining that some of the youngsters were even decapitated in front of their parents, according to the Express. 

“We heard that the militants grabbed six strong men working at the bakery and burned them inside the oven. We knew them,” Assaf told Dr. Yvette Isaac, who works for the advocacy group, according to the UK Mirror.

“After that, they caught some 250 kids and kneaded them like dough in the bakery dough machine,” Assaf said, according to media reports. “They were put in the dough mixer, they were kneaded. The oldest one of them was four-years-old.”

ISIS transported hundreds of girls to the city of Douma, which has been at the center of the Syrian civil war, to be slaughtered. ISIS has been systematically killing non-Muslims, and the majority of its victims at the time were Christian.

Assaf said her own son, George, was killed by the radical militants after he refused to switch to a Muslim name.

“My son said to me, ‘No, mother, I don’t want to die with an identity not my own. I prefer to die with the name George,’” Assaf said, according to the Christian Post. 

Assaf added, “I asked my son then to hide, but he refused and said, ‘I don’t want to hide myself. You are the one who taught me to follow what Christ said’ — ‘whoever denies me before man, I will also deny before my father who is in Heaven.’”

Dr. Isaac reported the savage slayings to a member of the UK Parliament, Fiona Bruce, who recently recounted the horrifying testimony to her colleagues in open chambers.

“She showed us recent film footage of herself talking with mothers–more than one– who had seen their own children crucified,” Bruce said.

“She told us of a mother with a two-month-old baby. When [ISIS] knocked at the front door of her house and ordered the entire family out, she pleaded with them to let her collect her child from another room,” Bruce said.

“She told us of a mother with a two-month-old baby,” Bruce continued. When [ISIS] knocked at the front door of her house and ordered the entire family out, she pleaded with them to let her collect her child from another room. They told her, ‘No. Go. It is ours now.’”



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