All Hell Breaks Lose On Fox News: Laura Ingraham Eviscerates Megyn Kelly, Live On Air [Watch]

Laura Ingraham


She felt that by doing so, she could improve the ratings of her show. Of course is wasn’t long until Laura Ingraham, Fox News host, saw the clip and delivered Kelly a mean dose of reality.

Apparently, Megan Kelly doesn’t remember telling America that she was going to stay out of politics while working at NBC…

Praise the Lord Laura Ingraham isn’t afraid to speak up for President Trump against these fake allegations.

According to resistcollectivism:

It was reported by Mad World News that Ingraham started by bashing NBC for attempting to “distract from their own journalistic and sex abuse scandals” by “dragging out” women who have made accusations against President Trump.Barely any time has passed since longtime NBC host Matt Lauer was terminated for sexual misconduct.

On Monday night, Ingraham began by saying, “The president, of course, has denied these allegations, but that didn’t stop Megyn Kelly from showcasing them on her own struggling morning show. So much for her staying out of politics. Wasn’t that what she was going to do?”

She added, “Well, they then held a press conference sponsored by a [George] Soros-backed group called Brave New Films. Brave New Films describes itself as a ‘quick-strike media company that has produced a string of liberal documentaries.’ Establishment media tripped over themselves to take the bait and turn today’s White House press briefing into a total circus.”

On Monday, Leftist reporters questioned White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders about the allegations against President Trump. April Ryan actually stated, “this is a huge issue, Sarah.”

While Ingraham did acknowledge that there are “huge issues” going on right now, she made sure to note that not a single one of them involved ridiculous harassment allegations against our President which he has categorically denied time and time again.

Ingraham totally destroyed the Left when she explained, “Well, now, on the day before the Alabama Senate election, as we predicted last week when Democrats ran Al Franken out of the Senate without so much as a scheduled hearing, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is calling for President Trump to resign from office. This is a craven attempt to weaken the president with these choreographed allegation parades. But, my friends, they won’t work. But at least now it’s easier to see with whom certain media organizations are colluding, and to what end.”




It seems as though Megyn Kelly along with the rest of the Leftist mainstream media have been trying to use the allegations made against President Trump as tools to take him down. They are taking these allegations as complete facts, although there is no solid evidence that supports them. Most of the allegations against Trump are from decades ago anyway. Why did no one come forward sooner if these allegations are true? It seems as though this is all one big ploy to destroy Trump. The Left has seriously lost it.

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