Geraldo Just Blew The Russia Probe WIDE OPEN & Leaked 1 Thing Mueller Never Wanted Coming Out


Geraldo just dropped the hammer on Robert Mueller and his bogus special investigation.

Liberals are on a clear witch hunt against President Trump and the whole Russian collusion conspiracy is nothing more than an excuse to try and get him out of office. Nothing has been found or presented to confirm that Trump was involved in any illegality while campaigning for President and he won at the will of the people plain and simple. Geraldo went on Fox to express these very sentiments and point out that without any evidence, Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation is a waste of time and money and should be vetoed immediately.


Via Subject Politics:

“What have they come up with? People talk about the indictment of Paul Manafort. Sure. But that had to do with business dealings that pre-dated President Trump’s candidacy. That had nothing to do with President Trump.”

“They point out General Flynn and his plea to lying to federal investigators. Again, that is about General Flynn. That is not about President Trump.”

“So where do we sit this morning? We sit in a place where, despite all of this effort and all of this possible bias, with absolutely nothing implicating President Trump in the collusion.”


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