News From Alabama Election, Someone’s Going To PRISON…

Alabama Election

Democrats Are Known For Voter Fraud! They Will Do Anything To Make Sure The Election Goes Their Way!


Following the results of the Alabama election, one democratic official is facing a prison sentence thanks to… voter fraud. Surprise surprise.

Anytime a liberal wins an election against a Republican candidate, that was a clear favorite, you can guarantee that voter fraud is the culprit. Democrats simply can’t win unless they cheat and this is proof positive.

Liberals have openly admitted to using illegal techniques in order to secure a Democratic win and now their insipid gloating has one woman facing a prison sentence and all because they couldn’t handle losing AGAIN.


As Roy Moore still refuses to concede and has now filed a lawsuit into the fraud that was uncovered, now an investigation into an Alabama state official has revealed something incredibly disturbing, and now someone is on their way to prison.

Each election cycle we constantly see evidence of liberals cheating to win, and during the Alabama State Senate race, all the signs were there. In a shocking eleventh-hour order, the Alabama Supreme Court ruled that counties in Alabama could destroy voting records in the Roy Moore-Doug Jones race, going against the longstanding rule that these counties preserve the records and the integrity of the race.

Another sign of voter fraud came after the election when several liberal morons bragged that they had “come from all over the country to vote for Doug Jones. But shockingly, that was only the beginning.

Alabama Secretary of State Nancy Worley turned herself in at the Montgomery County Jail Thursday after a grand jury indicted her on election fraud, where she is now being charged with 5 felonies and 5 misdemeanors that will no doubt put her behind bars for a quite a long time.

Purposely switching counties just to secure a vote is NOT how the election processes were intended to be, and if it continues to be acceptable than the will of the people isn’t what’s being reflected. Government corruption is unacceptable and needs to end now. #DrainSwamp


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