BREAKING: New Accuser Claims Franken Cornered Her In His Radio Studio

Al Franken

Sexual Predator Sen. Al Franken is facing yet ANOTHER accusation who claims Franken tried to forcibly kiss her when her boss left them alone in his office in 2006.

The name of the accuser has been withdrawn by Politico, and other news stations so she can be protected. The accuser is a former Democratic congressional aide. She claims he tried to forcibly kiss her before he became U.S Senator. ” I turned around, and he was in my face” claims the accuser. The Democratic party is literally going down in flames. With a slush fund to hush accusers into the house, the American people are fed up with their tax dollars going to causes that do not benefit them.

The aide, whose name POLITICO is withholding to protect her identity, said Franken (D-Minn.) pursued her after her boss had left the studio. She said she was gathering her belongings to follow her boss out of the room. When she turned around, Franken was in her face.

The former staffer ducked to avoid Franken’s lips. As she hastily left the room, she said, Franken told her: “It’s my right as an entertainer.”

“He was between me and the door and he was coming at me to kiss me. It was very quick and I think my brain had to work really hard to be like ‘Wait, what is happening?’ But I knew whatever was happening was not right and I ducked,” the aide said in an interview. “I was really startled by it and I just sort of booked it towards the door and he said, ‘It’s my right as an entertainer.’”

The former staffer, who was in her mid-20s at the time of the incident, said she did not respond to Franken. via Politico

What we find funny is how these Democrats promote feminism, and tolerance. Yet, they’re sexually assaulting these women they claim to be standing up for. Washington D.C is infested with Sexual Predators. Paul Ryan should be held accountable for this as well. He’s allowing the slush fund to be replenished and has allowed the cover-up since he took office.

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