The U.S. CRACKS Down on Immigrants Coming Illegally

The U.S. CRACKS Down on Immigrants

The Department of Justice announced that they are revoking several immigrants’ citizenships.

The move comes as the DOJ continues to crack down on immigration. The DOJ plans to file lawsuits against five immigrants to revoke their citizens. The immigrants are being charged with fraud as they hid information that would have kept them from becoming citizens. Each of the immigrants pleads guilty to sexual abuse to children before they were citizens.The U.S. CRACKS Down on Immigrants


Fox News:

The Department of Justice on Tuesday filed lawsuits to revoke the U.S. citizenship of five immigrants who pleaded guilty to sexually abusing minors in incidents determined to have taken place before they became naturalized, Fox News has learned.

These individuals, according to the Justice Department, “unlawfully procured their U.S. citizenship by concealing sexual abuse of minor victims during the naturalization process.”

The lawsuits were filed in the Southern District of Florida, the Northern District of Illinois, the Northern District of Texas and the Southern District of Texas.

According to the Justice Department, the citizenship of a naturalized U.S. citizen can be revoked under the Immigration and Nationality Act if naturalization was illegally procured through the concealment of information.

I, for one, am so delighted to see the DOJ cracking down on immigration. This issue has been ignored for way too long. The last administration just lets anyone come into this country and look where that got us. We had 8 years of increasing acts of terrorism across this country. It’s sick! And, of course, all Obama ever did was absolutely NOTHING!!!

I am so proud to have Trump in office. He is working right beside the DOJ to crack down on immigration. He is actually thinking of our safety over anyone else’s. I can’t wait till he finally kicks all these damn Muslims and Mexicans out of here! Maybe he can get rid of the liberals too.

Chicago has renewed a legal fund for immigrants facing deportation.

Aldermen widely approved a budget Tuesday for next year that includes $1.3 million for immigrant legal services.

Chicago was among several cities that boosted legal services for immigrants as a response to Donald Trump’s election to the presidency and aggressive promises to crack down on illegal immigration.

Chicago first approved started the fund last December.

The money was distributed to organizations, including the National Immigrant Justice Center, which says the fund was used to provide legal consultations to roughly 1,700 Chicagoans and legal representation in 900 immigration cases.


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