Trump DEMANDS Justice

Trump Demands Justice

President Trump demanded swift justice for the man behind the terrorist attack on Halloween in New York City.

Trump sent out several tweets early this morning describing the type of punishments that the terrorists deserves. He first tweeted that he deserves to be sent to Guantanamo Bay, but he also stated it would take to long to see that punishment. He went on to tweet that he deserved the death penalty instead. While Trump discuses punishment for the terrorist, we are learning more about who the terrorist is.

It was revealed that he may have connections to ISIS. He obtained a visa in 2010 when he came from Uzbekistan under a diversity program from the State Department. It is possible he may have family here as well due to the type of visa he has.Trump Demands Justice


Fox News:

President Trump suggested sending the New York City “terrorist” to Guantanamo Bay early Thursday, but because he says the process “takes much longer,” Trump called for the “DEATH PENALTY” in the wake of the deadly attack in lower Manhattan this week.

Saipov was charged Wednesday with providing support to a terrorist organization. In addition to that charge, he faces eight murder and multiple attempted murder counts and one count of violence and destruction of a motor vehicle — a charge that could carry the death penalty.

Investigators have uncovered several pieces of evidence linking Saipov to ISIS. Officials found notes left in the rented truck, containing a pledge of allegiance to ISIS. The notes were handwritten and had symbols and Arabic words on them stating: “Islamic State would endure forever.”

Death is too good for this terrorists. He caused so much death and agony to the citizens of New York City. We should torture him for the rest of his life. He needs to feel pain for the rest of his life. I want him to cry and beg for mercy as the government tortures him every way possible.

Trump needs to end all visas coming from these areas. These no good Muslims are causing so much pain in this country. Just look at the damage they already done! When will you liberals see that this travel ban Trump is pushing for is needed? How many more deaths do we need to see before you join us?



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