President Trump CRUSHES North Korea

Trump CRUSHES North Korea

President Donald Trump took another step today to force North Korea to end its nuclear program.

President Trump announced today that he is making North Korea a state sponsor of terrorism. This move comes at a critical point as the two countries are in bitter conflict. By making the country a state sponsor of terrorism, the U.S. can enforce even stricter sanctions against the isolated country.

Currently, the U.S. has made only three other countries this status. North Korea was on this list originally, but the Obama Administration removed them when they tried to make a deal with the insane country. Trump’s goal is to press enormous amounts of pressure on the country till the finally have to give in.


Fox News:

President Trump said Monday that he plans to designate North Korea as a “state sponsor of terrorism” again.

Speaking during a Cabinet meeting, Trump said the designation will impose even greater sanctions on North Korea amid rising nuclear threat tensions with the Asian nation. He said the label is long overdue and is part of the U.S. “maximum pressure campaign” against North Korea.

Trump promised the designation would impose additional penalties on North Korea.

Sanctions can include: restrictions on foreign assistance from the U.S.; ban on defense exports and sales; control over certain exports of dual use items and other financial restrictions.

It seems North Korea is running out of options. Trump is continuing to show no mercy on this country. He is by far more effective than the last administration. The Obama Administration let the country do whatever it wanted and look where that got us! It is ridiculous! That “fat boy” will have to cave soon as he is running out of options. He has no one left to turn to. The whole world is against him!


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