Republicans Attempt the “Impossible”

Republicans Attempt the "Im;ossible"

As midterm election nears, many are wondering can the Republicans still hold the majority in both chambers?

This comes after a number of Republican congressmen announced their retirement. So far 14 House and Senate members are retiring with the possibility of more to come. As the retirements continue to rise, other issues that could possibly hamper the Republicans chances increase.

With the failure of appealing Obamacare and the unknown future of the tax reform plan, many Democrats see this as a chance to win back the majority. However, Republicans continue to fight back by working on the major legislation they need in order to hold the majority.


Fox News:

The exodus of veteran Republican lawmakers from Congress could complicate efforts by the GOP to keep majorities in both the House and Senate as the 2018 midterm elections approach.

So far this cycle, 12 Republicans in the House and two in the Senate have announced plans to retire – and others are likely to follow suit. And these numbers do not include the 13 other Republicans who have left Congress to resign, take new positions in government or run for other offices.

The GOP retirements surpasses those of Democrats, who have seen just two retirements in the House and zero in the Senate so far this cycle. It also outpaces the number of retirements at this stage in past election cycles.

But Republicans point out the number of GOP lawmakers not running for re-election still falls below the historical average for retirements in an election cycle. They also say many of the retirees represent strong Republican districts.

You want to know what I think? I think Democrats do not have a chance in hell of winning back the majority. This is what exactly what everyone said in the 2016 election about Trump. Well guess what? He won the damn election by a long shot. He whooped on Clinton!

Republican got this. I’m not even worried. With the tax reform plan passing and the continual growth of our economy, I see us gaining seats in both chambers. Everyone knows that Republicans handle government way better than the Democrats. All Democrats ever done was screw up this country!


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