What’s With All The Military Build Up in Somalia? War?

Military Build Up in Somalia?

The Pentagon recently announced that there are over 500 troops in Somalia, and many people are wondering why so many troops?

The Pentagon denies that they are beefing up the number of troops in that area. There explanation is that the bump in numbers is simply the flow of troops leaving and coming in. However a closer look at events may contradict that statement.

Troops began being deployed to Somalia in 2014. At that time, there were only a few dozen troops. Fast forward 3 years and now its over 500. That doesn’t sound like troops just flowing in and out.

Also, there has been an increased in airstrikes in the country. Right now, the country is facing attacks from a group called al-Shabaab. The airstrikes have all been against the al-Shabaab group.Military Build Up in Somalia?


Fox News:

The Pentagon announced in a statement Thursday there are now “more than” 500 US troops on the ground in Somalia.

A significant increase from early 2014 when roughly two dozen troops arrived for the first time since 1993 and the Black Hawk Down incident.

US Africa Command says there have been 28 airstrikes this year, mostly from drones against al-Shabaab, long considered the greatest terror threat in Africa.

The US military recently conducted six straight days of airstrikes in Somalia from last Thursday to Tuesday.

Last month, al-Shabaab was blamed for a truck bombing in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu which killed over 300 people.

The head of the Pentagon’s joint staff said there’s no link between the fall of the ISIS capital Raqqa last month, and the first airstrikes against ISIS in Yemen and Somalia.

I do think the U.S. is beginning to plan something in Somalia. The recent build up in troops and airstrikes is very suspicious. The U.S. may be keeping this confidential, but this looks like something is happening. Are we going to ramp up attacks on this al-Shabaab group or is it something else?

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