Look At Who Trump Just Invited To The White House! Obama IS PISSED!


President Trump Doesn’t Care What Anyone Say’s

He’s a Patriot, and will do everything in his power to make sure America’s Heroes are well taken care of!


President Obama made it clear he wasn’t a fan of the U.S Military. He slashed the defense budget and sent our Troops into harms way without the correct protection. President Trump has reversed all of Barack’s BS legislation that hurt the Military. God saved our Military personnel by giving us, President Trump. America First! Barack Obama sent billions overseas to countries that HATE us. We literally pay them to hate us. It’s about time that was put to an end. The Obama administration was the worst since Clinton, Carter, and Wilson. President Carter caused all the chaos in the middle east. What was once a beautiful place where men and women were equal, now is a hell hole full of the terrorist who wants nothing more than to the see the world burn in the name of islam.

We are all well aware of the way President Trump carries himself and conducts business. He is a no-nonsense kind of man who gets the job done. When he makes the call to support a cause, he doesn’t cut corners and he’s all in. In the situation we are referring to in this story, President Trump has shown his respect and appreciation for American veterans and the men and women in the United States military. He made the decision to host the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) at his current residence, the White House.

It was reported by Townhall that President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump along with Vice President Mike Pence and his wife welcomed with open arms 50 service members and veterans of our military who were wounded in combat to the White House. The event kicked off the ninth annual Wounded Warrior Project Soldier Ride that takes place in Washington D.C.

The event in which cyclists support our wounded veterans and military members last four days. It is a charity event that was put together with the intentions of aiding veterans who are dealing with emotional, mental and physical wounds from war. It also helps these men and women regain a sense of self-confidence.

President Trump showed praise for what he called the “incredible tradition” that was meant to honor the “real heroes” of America. These men and women have sacrificed everything to “keep our people safe and our democracy secure.”

President Trump explained to the warriors who he was hosting, “You’ve earned our freedom with your sweat and your blood. We salute you, we salute your service.”


He went on to add, “I call them America’s winners because they’re winners.”

Our Commander in Chief explained that he was extremely proud to keep the tradition of welcoming those participating in the event at the White House. He stated that it was a true honor and he should have the same honor for “about seven more years.” The crowd went wild with applause.

It is important to remember back to former President Barack Obama’s horrible treatment of our military members. President Trump runs the show in an entirely different way than Obama did, and it is truly wonderful to see him honoring these men and women and showing them the respect they so rightly deserve.

There is a huge difference between a socialist democratic president and one who upholds the constitution.

USA Politics Today reported:



While Obama showed his contempt for veterans by reducing their pay and retirement pensions so he could “redistribute” the money to illegal immigrants, Trump is showing his appreciation for them by revamping the Veterans Administration and his hosting of the Wounded Warrior Project at the White House.

Trump is the kind of president patriotic Americans want. Americans know if our armed forces are going to remain a top notch military organization, they need someone like Trump on their side to make sure they have what they need and will show them their sacrifices are deeply appreciated.

It sickens me to think back to the way that Obama demoralized our men and women in the military. At least we can be proud of our current president who is making strides to show respect and honor these brave Americans. Liberty One News


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