Democrats Turn On Mueller DEMAND He Be Fired!


Robert Mueller Is Really Having A Bad Year

There Is ZERO evidence that President Trump Colluded With The Russians To Win The 2106 Presidental Election


Mueller really wanted to go down in history as the man who got Trump. The biggest problem with that? Trump isn’t going anywhere. The Democrats are having a hard time coming up with ANY evidence of Russian Collusion. Now, the Democrats are turning against Mueller. Mueller is one of those guys where when they’re not performing to the standards of Democrats, they just drop them and pretend like they never knew him. Remember Johnathan Gruber? Yeah. The fall guy. 


When he was named special counsel in May, Robert S. Mueller III was hailed as the ideal lawman — deeply experienced, strait-laced and nonpartisan — to investigate whether President Trump’s campaign had helped with Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

The accolades squared with Mueller’s valor as a Marine rifle platoon commander in Vietnam and his integrity as a federal prosecutor, senior Justice Department official and FBI director from 2001 to 2013 — the longest tenure since J. Edgar Hoover’s. He was praised by former courtroom allies and opponents, and by Democrats and Republicans in Congress.

But at 73, Mueller has a record that shows a man of fallible judgment who can be slow to alter his chosen course. At times, he has intimidated or provoked resentment among subordinates. And his tenacious yet linear approach to evaluating evidence led him to fumble the biggest U.S. terrorism investigation since 9/11.

Now, as he leads a sprawling investigation aimed at the White House, Mueller’s prosecutorial discretion looms over the Trump presidency.


Mueller has come up empty every step of the way. There is nothing, and never will be anything. The Clinton camp is the only ones that colluded with the Russians. There have been a lot of deals made over the years with the Clinton’s and the Russians. Uranium one is THE big one. Millions of dollars were donated to the Clinton Global Initiative in exchange for Uranium. 

Truth be told, Comey shouldn’t have. And neither should the others who chimed in like lemmings.But Leftists do love their incompetents. And Comey et al likely hoped that Mueller might figure out a way to fabricate a fake news case against the president. But now they realize that you can’t squeeze blood from a turnip. So Mueller can’t make a case.Now the truth will soon be crystal clear even to the most brain-dead Leftists. The Democrats, Hillary Clinton, the DNC, Comey’s FBI, the Obama administration, Podesta, and other satellites all got their nuts in the Nutcracker. Now let’s identify the patsy. His name is Robert “Oswald” Mueller. Via TBS

Let it be known that Democrats will turn against you when you can’t deliver on their false accusations. I feel they wanted Mueller to Trump up some kind of BS so they could go ahead with impeachment. Hell, even Senator Diane Feinstein said there as no Russian Collusion.

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