Is North Korea Declaring War?

North Korea Declaring War?

As Trump continues his Asian trip, North Korea delivered another warning that has many people asking, Is this a declaration of war?

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un delivered a very stern warning against the U.S. Either Trump needs to be removed from office or America will face the consequences. This comes at a time where Trump and Kim Jong Un have been locked in a battle of words. The warning comes as Trump stated that North Korea should not even test the U.S.North korea Declaring War?

President Trump continues to express his disapproval for the lone country. He has continuously ordered the country to end their nuclear program, but Kim Jong Un continues to disregard Trump.


Fox News:

The United States will continue to stare into the “abyss of doom” until “lunatic old” President Trump is removed from office, according to a North Korean missive Wednesday, released just hours after Trump warned the rogue regime not to “try” America.

The Hermit Kingdom demanded the U.S. “withdraw the hostile policy toward” Kim Jong Un’s dictatorship and said a “decisive choice” needed to be made, the state-run Korean Central News Agency said Wednesday.

Kim’s warning about the impending “abyss of doom” heading toward the U.S. — and every country joining in America’s aim to dismantle Pyongyang’s nuclear program — comes after Trump issued a stark warning to Kim Jong Un during a speech in South Korea during Trump’s five-country Asia tour.

The message came hours after Trump attempted to make a surprise visit to the Demilitarized Zone, the border separating North and South Korea, with South Korean President Moon Jae-in. But heavy fog prevented Trump’s helicopter from safely landing in the area.

The United States needs to act NOW! North Korea has gotten completely out of control. Kim Jong Un can blame Trump all he wants, but we all know it’s not his fault. Kim Jong Un is just a damn spoiled brat who is throwing a temper because Trump is not turning a blind eye like Obama did. He is laying down the law!

If this spoiled brat wants to fight, then let’s do it. He may be acting big and bad now, but I guarantee he’ll cry like a damn baby once we show up to the fight. North Korea is no match to the United States! We can destroy them in seconds if we have to! I really think Kim Jung Un should really consider his options before picking a fight with us!


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