Watch: Leslie Jones Sexually Assaults Astro’s Superstar Jose Altuve

Leslie Jones

Three of the Houston Astros superstars were welcomed to New York to appear on Saturday Night Live.

Everyone know’s how funny SNL can be, and sometimes, they do take it a bit far, but we on the right understand it and welcome it. Some on the left don’t. If anyone from the right makes a joke, and it’s somewhat “sensitive” the left goes nuts.

leslie jones

Leslie Jones is well known for her foul mouth. Afterall, she had Milo banned from twitter.

While the Astro’s stars were on SNL, Leslie Jones decided to make a few jokes about Altuve’s size and body. She couldn’t keep her hands off him. Could you imagine if someone from the right put their hands on someone like this? Talk about Hypocritical. Where is the outrage?

Jones also made some very racially sensitive comments about George Springer.

MVP George Springer, the Panamanian, and  Puerto Rican his name is George Springer come on man that’s the name of a goofy mattress salesman

Jones then became a sexist pig, and couldn’t keep her hands off of Jose Altuve saying:

Good things do come in small packages

Just Jared:

Leslie Jones had a really fun time on Saturday Night Live‘s Weekend Update segment when she was joined by three of the World Series-winning Houston Astros!

Athletes José Altuve, Alex Bregman, and George Springer all made a surprise appearance as Leslie was ranting about the New York Yankees not making it to the World Series after being beat by the Astros in the playoffs.

After the surprise, Leslie made some choice jokes and welcomed the men to the show.

What get’s me is how these people are allowed to get away with being pigs, but President Trump can’t make a joke about grabbing pussy? The hypocritical left tells everyone else what they can, and can’t do or say, but it’s okay for them to do it.
We’re peasants, and they’re a higher power. I think the American people are sick of it. I wasn’t offended by anything Leslie Jones said or did, but I’m pointing out the fact that if someone from the right did exactly what she did then it would be front page headlines for months.
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