HA! WATCH Hillary Clinton Almost Get Hit In The Head, and Set On Fire!

Hillary Clinton

During The Clinton Administration, Hillary Clinton Was Known To Use The Lords Name In Vain

Many Secret Service Members Claims Mrs. Bill Clinton Was A Very Hateful Women Who Physically Abused Bill Clinton IN The Oval Office

One thing I strongly believe in is Karma. I strongly feel that if you do things that are horrible, you will get paid back in more ways than one. This classic video shows Hillary Clinton LYING through her teeth. God was watching down, and made sure she knew it. A lighting fixture fell right behind her head and scared the living hell out of her. If only the fixture had fallen a few inches further, Haiti would have been taken care of the correct way.


Hillary Clinton

You know when they went to bed that night, Hillary looked over at Bill, and said something to the tune of ” they almost got me”.


She knew people wanted her head on a platter. The world would honestly be a better place, but I would never wish any ill on a first lady.

Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton are under recurring scrutiny in the wake of rampant sexual assault allegations that have been ripping through the American political fabric. Some of the most high-profile candidates and politicians in the country, from both sides of the aisle, have been accused of sexual misconduct.

The heat of the accusations have brought heavy scrutiny down upon the Clintons again for their role in various episodes of sexual misconduct while Bill was governor of Arkansas and President. Clinton became the first president to be impeached in modern history after lying under oath about an inappropriate sexual relationship with a White House intern.

The current atmosphere of sexual misconduct has created a chorus of politicians condemning Clinton’s behavior and major liberal publications saying he should have resigned.

The new criticism on the Clintons has also resurfaced some gems from the couple’s early 1990s defense of Clinton’s behavior. One of those clips going viral is a little-known video of Clinton getting a broadcast light dropped on her during a retro “60 Minutes” interview. The future first lady screamed when the light came down with a crash behind her and loudly took the Lord’s name in vain, shrieking “Jesus, Mary and Joseph!” Per Daily Caller


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