Liberals’ beloved news network is faced with another discrimination lawsuit.

Oh this is just music to my ears. Atlanta attorney, Daniel Meachum, will be filing another lawsuit against the liberal media giant. CNN is accused of discrimination against African Americans. Currently, Meachum has over 205 plaintiffs in this case. HILARIOUS:CNN ACCUSED of Discrimination

The plaintiffs claim there was a glass ceiling in place within the company that holds African Americans back. Despite his last lawsuit being dismissed, Meachum continues to press harder to win this lawsuit.


Fox News:

The Atlanta lawyer whose racial discrimination suit against CNN was dismissed earlier this year says he is re-filing the class action case – this time with a new set of plaintiffs and even more alleged victims.

Celeslie Henley, a plaintiff in the first version, said she worked at CNN for seven years until she was allegedly fired after emailing the human resources department about discriminatory treatment. The suit also claimed that the liberal network had a “glass ceiling” on the career paths of African-American staffers.

The suit will be refiled sometime this year, according to Meachum, who said he is still gathering the necessary paperwork from the new plaintiffs. The news comes as CNN continues to cause problems for parent company Time Warner as it tries to complete an $84.5 billion deal with AT&T.

I can’t stop laughing over this. CNN, the most liberal news network in the world, accuses conservatives being racist, but yet they are the ones being sued. I mean how much more evidence do people need in order to see how evil the liberal news media is. Liberal media continues to create false stories and hide the truth. They are truly the worst place to get the news from.

I, for one, am glad CNN is finally being sued. They deserve it. This is why I trust the conservative new networks. They continue to print the truth even it doesn’t make conservatives look good. They produce, by far, the most reliable news in the industry.


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