Where Are We Today? Ask Not What Your Country Can Do ……..

Now after that big welcome to town article it’s time to get down to the business of the country.

What do you think? Are we ready for the next eight years of debilitating growth or a fight for the soul of America? Which will it be?

Unfortunately, I believe that we are in store for both prospects. President Donald J. Trump is the most (in my opinion) prolific president of modern history. There are a couple that could have and have achieved this status. One being John F. Kennedy, yes a Democrat. John F. Kennedy, I feel, was a man for the times. His thoughts of small government and low taxes are the cornerstone of the modern Republican Party. However, that Party has seemed to miss the point and has squandered the trust of most diehard Republicans, Like me.

Kennedy’s famous words, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.,” is so far removed from the Democrat mantra that John F. Kennedy would find it very hard even to be elected in a liberal state unless he was a progressive Republican like Senator Susan Collins. The most unfortunate thing is that we will never know what this great president would have been because of his tragic assassination.

Another brilliant figure in past politics was Martin Luther King Jr. The civil rights movement was just what this country needed at the time he led his peaceful marches hand in hand with white men. This country was on the move to becoming a better place for all, and again history is only left with the revisionist Left versus his family who knew this man much better and could speak about the violence that has been eclipsing and pulling apart the very fabric of what this mighty man believed.

The country needed massive changes back from the end of the fifties through the sixties in the form of civil rights and civil liberties. The interesting thing is that the dirty little secret of the Democrats is that they were completely against all the civil rights legislation. It was Mitt Romney’s father who was instrumental in getting the legislation going in the first place, which was, wait for it….a Republican? Yes a Republican. Dirty little secrets that the Left likes to hide and revise.

President Ronald Reagan was another figure in my opinion that was the cutting edge of his time with two amazing feats. One was Reaganomics. I will never forget the Time Magazine cover when Bill Clinton was elected president and the issue where President Reagan was turned on his head with a heading of Reaganomics, basically showing the end of his policies that plunged us to incredible growth and the first trillion dollars collected by the Treasury in the history of this great land.

Reaganomics was fantastic. As a realtor, I saw interest rates fall from 12.5% to 8%. I saw the small area where I went to school (Christiana, Delaware) add a new mall, which is one of the most successful malls in the country. It also pulled shoppers from Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey because of tax-free shopping. So if you find yourselves anywhere on I-95 check out the Christiana Mall; it has an exit right off I-95. And if you love good Mexican, yes I said Mexican food, try Jose Borders Cafe! You will not be disappointed.

But I feel Reaganomics helped to build that area as well as the Route 7 Corridor and all the thousands of homes and businesses all through Glasgow and Bear, Delaware all the way to the Maryland state line and Elkton, Maryland. I, as a realtor, enjoyed those times and experienced the increase. I was able to buy my first home at the age of 25, which today not too many of the 25-year-olds living in Mom and Dad’s basement can afford with the crushing student loan bills, which we can address another day.

Another prolific man of that time was Pope John Paul II. If we want to talk about a figure for the ages, he would be one. The first Polish Catholic Pontiff, and being half Polish I was proud. I consider Pope John Paul II and President Ronald Reagan both together the driving forces that knocked down the Berlin wall and set free millions of people that suffered behind the Iron Curtain. The other fantastic feature that President Reagan was known for was Star Wars. I will never forget how the media thought he was out of his mind and how much money this would cost. Funny, a liberal worried about spending money. Have you all ever heard of such a creature? If you have, please send me that in triplicate.

President Reagan’s spending on military, and we aren’t going to go into budget deficits here, was instrumental in getting the Soviet Union to spend themselves into oblivion, So the Cold War was won without a single shot. Now others will say that President Reagan caused us to borrow too much money. However, again the amount of money that was brought into the Treasury was record-breaking. Well, and the dirty little secret is that even though Democrats hated him and wanted to impeach him, the money they saw was like crack cocaine, and believe me they spent it like a little kid in a candy store. The Democrats could have offset the spending with all that cash, but again politics rule the world we live in and those who wanna say I don’t want to get involved, well I have bad news for you. Like I always tell my boys, you have no choice, whether you want to or not politics runs your life. All I have to say to prove it is Obamacare.

So we have four men who in the past were prolific leaders and changed or could have changed history if they had the chance.

So what now? In a day and age where it is all for one and one for me? There is no doubt in my mind that the young people of today have never really had to live through tough times. Having student debt the size of a mortgage you would think would change their minds. But socialism and fascism have crept into the elitist colleges, and they are spitting out little socialists who are demanding free this and free that. They have zero respect for authority figures and will assumedly throw Granny under the bus if she didn’t agree with their political views. It is no longer as President Kennedy so coined “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country.” This dynamic phrase which I would call a deep patriotic saying is all but dead. The past eight years have seen the Democrats further divide this country by race, financial prosperity, politics, and even age. Antifa is mainly made up of white college youth, and we see Black Lives Matters primarily made up of well, black people. There are whites and other white-skinned peoples who feel guilty about their own lives that support this terrorist organization.

Enter the most prolific figure of the 21st century, President Donald J. Trump. This man was written off as un-electable, a misogynist, the narcissist, not to mention other adjectives. What raises President Donald J. Trump in my humble opinion to the top of the heap, is history. History is on his side. He has all the mistakes that every single politician from the 1960s to the present. He has a tale to tell him what liberals, fascists, communists, greedy corporations (yes I said that), Democrats and even Republicans have had to say or do. YouTube a fantastic tool as well as the internet. Thank God Al Gore created the internet, well at least he wishes.

What I love about President Donald J. Trump, is that he has no fear of these people. As I explained in my very first post, I do not consider myself a Republican even though I am a registered Republican. I consider myself a Conservative Constitutionalist. If the Constitution is silent, I believe it is left for the states to decide, but unfortunately, the Left will sue him with every move he makes just to slow him down. The framers of the Constitution were brilliant. They made it very difficult for there to be any changes to the document, let alone laws. Barack Obama understood this all too well, and when he could, he would bypass Congress and write his acts.

President Donald J. Trump, in my opinion, is a man for the times. I will never forget election night and feel the oppressive nature of the Obama administration lift partially; we still had to get to January 20, 2017. Amen? Yes, Amen! I will never forget weeping at 3 am in the morning thanking God Almighty for what I feel in preserving the country. He was, in my humble opinion, put on the face of the earth to battle all those things that are all too apparent today in our country. History is not made with President Donald J. Trump yet, but I will stick my head out on a limb and say, that he will be responsible for bringing common sense back to the single darkest time in modern history known as the Obama administration. With a GDP already at 3.1% in the first nine months of his presidency, I am ready to stand with him and Make America Great Again. That is what we do now……







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