Trump TOUGHENS Up On Refugees!

Trump Toughens on Refugees

President Trump is expected to toughen up on standards for refugees entering our country.

Trump will lower the cap of refugees allowed to only 45,000. The expected 45,000 cap is significantly lower from the Obama Administration’s 110,000 cap. In addition to lowering the cap, Trump is expected to toughen up on screening procedures. This move comes as Trump’s suspension on refugees ends on Tuesday.Trump Toughens on Refugees

Trump’s ban was only temporary as it was tied with the latest version of his travel ban. The current version is already being challenged in courts. However, the courts did allow to keep this refugee ban for the full 120 days instead of killing it instantly.


Fox News:

President Trump on Tuesday is expected to announce a tighter cap on the number of refugees admitted to the U.S. and call for tougher vetting rules, as his administration’s refugee ban expires, Fox News has learned.

The administration’s 120-day suspension of admissions for most refugees lapses on Tuesday. Coinciding with the deadline, Trump is expected to sign a document starting the process of allowing refugees back into the U.S. – under new guidelines.

The refugee ban is tied to the so-called travel ban, which has gone through several revisions and been challenged in court every step of the way. The administration’s third version of its controversial visa-entry restrictions for travelers from targeted countries was immediately challenged in court. Any new refugee restrictions are likely to face a similar fight.

It’s about time we get tougher on the refugees. I want them all out of our country! Why do we even need to take these people in? They cause nothing but trouble! How many terrorist attacks have we seen across the globe? It’s because of them we have to watch our backs continuously. It’s because of them we have to bury loved ones after an attack.

Mr. President, it’s time to kick them the hell out of our country! Do not back down Trump. Keep fighting for America’s safety! Let’s kick them out of this country once and for all!




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