Trump ENDS Obama’s Socialist Programs

trump ends Obama Care

Late Thursday night, President Trump signed an executive order to begin dismantling the biggest socialist program created from the Obama Administration.

The executive order will halt all subsidies sent to insurers that was used in an atteTrump ends Obama Carempt to keep premiums and co-pays lower. This executive order is an attempt to force congress to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Trump said this move will lower co-pays and premiums and save the country billions of dollars throughout the next few years.

The executive order has already received backlash from the state attorney general and others. Democrats claim it is unlawful to stop payments. However, the Supreme Court ruled that’s how the funds appropriated were illegal. Congress was supposed to appropriate the funds, not President Obama.


Fox News:

Earlier Thursday, Trump predicted that “millions and millions of people” would benefit from an executive order he signed Thursday to make lower-premium health insurance plans more widely available.

Trump employed the executive order because the Republican-controlled Congress has been unable to pass a plan to repeal and replace ObamaCare.

Trump says the health care system “will get better” with his action, and the action will cost the federal government nothing.

The president says he still wants Congress to repeal and replace the Obama health care law. But he says his order will give people more competition, more choices and lower premiums.

The fact that this executive order was signed, finally shows progress is being made to fix our healthcare system. Since Congress can’t make up their minds on how healthcare should be, Trump is going to kill ObamaCare in order to motivate Congress to pass a bill. I support what Trump is doing. ObamaCare is the worst thing on Earth and it needs to be killed.

ObamTrum Ends Obama's Socialist ProgramsaCare is the worst piece of legislation ever passed. We have to pay more and more for premiums every year. This piece of legislation was supposedly going to help the middle class, but, instead, it is hurting them. Why Democrats passed this garbage of a bill is beyond me. ObamaCare needs to be replaced before it ruins America.

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