EPIC Video: Trump Calls Out San Juan Mayor TO HER FACE!

Trump is a no BS kinda guy. He tells it like it is, and doesn’t apologize for it.

San Juan Mayor

Democratic Mayor Caren Yulin Cruz is the greatest actress of her time. She put herself in front of the cameras, and brought those big ole alligator tears, and begged President Trump to help with the relief efforts. The majority of Americans sympathized for her. There’s one huge problem. She’s the only mayor that made a scene. Come to find out, President Trump was doing everything in his power to make sure Puerto Rico had what it needed.

The president praised Puerto Rico’s governor for not playing petty politics and getting right to business. You can read in many other articles from other sources about the petty politics Cruz played. Cruz came on camera with a shirt that read ‘Help us, we are dying’, and a hat that read ‘S.O.S.’  How she ended up with these items are beyond me. Petty politics.

Watch The Video Below:



Daily Wire:


San Juan Mayor Caren Yulin Cruz is getting schooled, and the key lesson is: Don’t mess with President Trump.

On Saturday, the liberal, self-serving mayor held a press conference in which she accused Trump of being incompetent and then claimed Puerto Ricans were dying in the streets while the federal government dawdled over relief efforts after Hurricane Maria ravaged the U.S. territory.

Trump, of course, didn’t act “presidential” — meaning he wasn’t the least bit diplomatic and he certainly didn’t take the high road. Instead, he did what people really must do when dealing with a bully or a liar: Call them out, hard. He even alleged in a Twitter post that “the mayor, who was very complimentary only a few days ago, has now been told by the Democrats that you must be nasty to Trump.”

Of course, it turned out the liberal Democrat mayor was a big booster of Hillary Clinton, and Democrats did appear to decide last week to try to paint the devastation on Puerto Rico as Trump’s Hurricane Katrina, which all but bankrupted President George W. Bush of his political capital after his 2005 re-election.

On Tuesday, Trump traveled to Puerto Rico to see the relief effort firsthand. In a briefing with local and state officials, Cruz sat at the table, scowling. The uninformed mayor — as it also turned out, she hadn’t attended ANY meeting at the joint field office held by federal officials charged with relief — didn’t look at Trump as he spoke.

My Final Thoughts

President Trump is a man that gets things done. He doesn’t play party politics and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. I’m very proud to call him THE President Of The United States Of America. I’m very happy that we have a leader that goes into a firestorm, and comes out with a smile EVERY SINGLE TIME. We’re much safer as a nation under Trump. As for Mayor Cruz, I hope she learned from her mistakes and becomes a better mayor. I believe people can be good if they want to, and I want to give her a chance. I’m sure the president thinks the same.



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