Trump BEGINS Building His Legacy

President Trump’s legacy begins as prototypes for his wall along the Mexican-American border are being built.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection granted eight contracts to build prototypes for President Trump’s wall. The prototypes are being built just outside San Diego, California. Next week, the Department of Homeland Security will begin testing these prototypes. The tests will include time to scale the wall, the durability of the sensors, and the time it takes to breach the wall. The results of  these prototypes will depend on the design and materials used.Trump Begins Building his Legacy

The material used for these prototypes consist of reinforced concrete and alternative material such as steel.The prototypes’ height ranges from 18 to 30 feet. These prototypes will solve some of the unknowns like which material and design works best for all the climates and different regions that lie on the border. While these prototypes will solve some of these unknowns, there is still a lot to be done.

As the prototypes begin to take shape, the real challenge emerges. Congress has to address all the legal complexities that this wall will face. Most of these complexities come from prior bills that were passed to build walls in certain parts of the border. Because of the complexities, there is still no completion date.



Fox News:

U.S. Customs and Border Protection awarded eight contracts to six companies to build the prototypes. Four are made of reinforced concrete, the others involve alternate materials, mostly steel.

Each model is 18 to 30 feet high and 30 feet long. Contractors have until Oct. 26 to complete their design before testing begins. All of the construction is taking place a few miles east of San Diego

The question for evaluators will be: one, what design works best for the money and, secondly, where is it to be located? What works in the desert, say solid precast concrete, will not work in canyons where there is flash flooding. In that terrain, a design utilizing steel bollards may work best.

Compared to existing fencing along the border, which ranges from 10 feet tall steel mat installed in the 1990s, to 16-foot-tall steel mesh erected in 2006, the new designs at 30 feet tall are imposing.

As for actually getting built, the politics is messy and some lawmakers purposely misinform the public as to what is being proposed.

I am, for one, beyond ecstatic for this wall. This wall will protect Americans for decades to come. It is needed to protect our citizens from harm that can come from these immigrants. The illegal immigrants crossing the border are very dangerous. They bring crime and drugs as they cross the border

These immigrants have to learn to keep their crime and drugs out of our country. This wall has to go up. It will teach Mexico that we will not solve their issues. Mexico will now be accountable for their own people. The United States is done taking care of these lazy, no good, crime-ridden immigrants! It’s time to kick them the hell out of our country! It’s time to put our foot down!

So here’s to you President Trump. You are finally tackling the issue everyone is afraid to touch!


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