The right and the left respectively have been battling for our minds for years. Ever since I can remember in church the pastor explaining to me that it is a daily battle for my mind, that the spirit is in enmity with my flesh, and daily I realized how true it was.
I grew up in a middle-class family; my father was a sheet metal fabricator for the local union. All my childhood I would hear, “The Union” this and “the Union” that.
We lived in suburbia, in a four bedroom two bath house with the token dog. In the summer we would play outside all day long, not a care in the world. That was then.
I went to Kent State University my first year of college to study Architecture and play Ice Hockey. Ronald Reagan was President. In March of that year, President Ronald Reagan was shot. That I would say was the first time I started to pay attention more to the world around me. It was also the year the movie “Kent State” was played on television. I lived in Verder Hall right next to BATTLE FOR YOUR MINDPrentice Hall where the students were shot and killed. No longer was I like other students back then or like today who are self-absorbed in their puny world of me.
My family was all Democrats, and frankly, I knew not the difference. I had a liberal mindset of abortion, just like a sheep I spouted “It’s a women’s body let her decide.

The next couple years went by, my father loved Jimmy Carter, always proclaiming “He was the best President this country ever had.”, whenever the news came on and they showed President Reagan, But I would pay attention to what was happening, and it began to filter into my mind.

In 1984 I quit college and started a career in Real Estate. I enjoyed the aspects of working in the business. Soon I was making more money than my peers, and during those months I began to ask myself more pressing questions. I was sympathetic towards President Reagan because he was shot. I considered myself to be a patriot, loves my country and the flag. So when people would attack my President, I could feel the pain inside my soul and would ask why are these things happening.Why do they hate him so much, why would my dad refer to him as just an “actor,” and not a serious President.

That is when I could seriously see a difference between what a Democrat was and what a Republican was. I took more interest in politics and what was important to people. A nice home, safe streets, schools, life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Those words began to mean something to me.

The end of the 70’s was hard for our family; my father was out of work more than I could remember him working. We had bought our house in ’74 with a low mortgage payment, but my father loved to gamble. We had what I call “poor man’s soup” many a night in those cold winters in the Mid-Atlantic. So this young skull of mush as Rush Limbaugh would so often call it, began to reason more about why.

So, 1984 and the Presidential Election. I was tuned in like a tick on a hound dog !! From August through election day, from the conventions to the Debates. Wilson Goode was the Mayor of Philadelphia, and eventually, in May of 1985, he would drop a bomb on the “MOVE” compound that caused the destruction of almost a whole neighborhood of homes that went up in flames.

The Debates were eye-opening. And when President Reagan remarked,BATTLE FOR YOUR MIND ” I am not going to exploit, for political purposes, my opponents youth and inexperience.” At that point and forward I knew who I wanted to be my President and that I was officially a Republican. I am proud today my very first Presidential Vote was for Ronald Reagan.

Fast forward to 2008. At no time in my life had I ever seen such a display of harsh rhetoric and discord. The economy was in shambles, President George W. Bush was all but finished after the huge disappointment I had felt, with the market crashing and the coronation of Hope and Change, If I ever wanted to see how God could usher in the Anti-Christ, well baby hang on because a dark cloud hovered over the United States, and oppression was the goal of the next eight years.

When we talk about the battle for the mind, it became apparent and real from day one of the Obama Administration. Common sense was no longer the rule of the day. When he took the podium and presented his new mindset for America, I knew for at least four years we were in huge trouble. And it did not take too long for it to all take hold of the hearts and minds of everyday Americans. Along with the drive-by media, the fix was in, and the propaganda machine was geared up and would air for eight continuous years.

Never in my wildest dreams would I ever think my country would be so degraded and made waste. From the apology tour to Obamacare, to “Those Police officers acted Stupidly,” to “If I had a son, I’d name him Travon.” I am not sure how ya’ll think, but I often said “I can not twist my brain around sideways, turn in upside down and pull it out of my skull and think like a liberal”‘ let alone or make any sense of how they think. Rush Limbaugh has always been that “guiding light through chaos and tumult,” as he loves to say. I found him in 1991 and listen to him regularly. He as far as I stood was the only voice that made sense. Yeah, we had FoxNews, but we all know where that has gone.

So where is the battle and what happened? The Left has been good at championing for the minorities and changing and revising history to achieve their goals. Nothing is sacred to them. What all one must do is go on You-Tube and find them change their stance on many issues because the political winds change direction. The Republicans have never been good at change, as a matter of fact, they pretty much stand still. The Democrats circle the wagons, and the Republicans shoot and eat their own, maybe that is why they love the second amendment more.

But moving along, the battle for right and wrong is every day, ever since I call the great awakening in 2010 with the Tea Party, through to the re-election of Obama. If you have been in tune for these years, you know what I am talking about. It all became too apparent when Obama was elected to his second term. I don’t know about you, but I laid waste in depression for months! To me, I was completely devastated because for sure Mitt Romney was a shoe-in, the economy was no existent and Quantitative Easing was our poster child for an economy that was at best one percent of GDP. I had spent over eight years of doing small contracting jobs to stay afloat, building only three houses as opposed to the ten to twenty I was doing during the 1990’s and early 2000’s. I knew first hand how horrible the economy was and factor in Obamacare and we were headed for a cliff.

One day I decided about eight months after the re-election of this abomination, that I turned on Rush Limbaugh. Now the battle for the mind and just normal thinking was at the critical stage because I felt completely helpless and spinning downward in ambition and desire to move forward. I could not put my finger on it and wondered day to day, “What the Hell was wrong with me.” I could not tell anyone how I felt because I could not even tell you why. Life seemed “Hopeless.” Questions like, why do I feel this way, why do I not want to get out of bed, what has happened to decency, what has happened to the American I knew, why the racial divisions, why the constant hammering and pushing down I felt. Do any of you know what I mean, there was a constant cloud over our heads, and I was at a loss to explain it. But, it was so simple that I could not even think of what it was, Til I heard Rush Limbaugh that day. I don’t know why I did, but that afternoon I said, let’s turn on Rush and see what’s happening. I seriously was depressed, I used to have Foxnews on my television 24/7, and I had not so much as tuned it in.

It was like God himself tuned in the station. As soon as he began to speak my eyes just lit up. He said, and I paraphrase. He said “Folks, many of you have not known why you feel the way you do.” at that moment my heart began to listen because I wanted to know and the Dr, of Democracy, was speaking to my heart. He continued “ever since the re-election of Barack Husein Obama, you have been depressed, I feel you, and I know why.” he continued to elaborate, and he said “I’m gonna tell you why”, at this point he had my complete full attention, and this is while I am driving my truck to one of these small jobs. He said, “It’s simple, what you feel is a lack of leadership, the Republican Party has no leadership, and you feel left behind and abandoned.” Now, this is the best of my recollection of that afternoon, but let me tell you, ladies and gentleman, he hit the nail right on the head. After four years and eight months of nothing but rhetoric, I mean mind-numbing rhetoric from a man who came to divide America, I mean I was done. I had felt the oppression; I had felt the despair, the depression, the thoughts that this country is finished. For months I finally knew what I was feeling. I had never felt that feeling in my entire life! And for the first time, I realized that ever since the inauguration of Ronald Reagan to that point I realized I was no longer a Republican.

The Tea Party came alive to combat the socialist and fascism of the Obama Administration, only to be torn apart literally by its own party, along with the help of the Democrats and Media. I did not see that completely until the Obama was re-elected. I began to question my alignment with the leaders of the Republican Party, and I started to ask the questions as to why did they do this to their own. For some of us, the answers are immediate, and we know why we feel the way we do today.

The leaders of both parties are self-serving and no longer are interested in the good of the people. They have aligned themselves with special interests and lobbyists who write the bills they want to be passed, so they remain in control. Its all about big and bigger money. The more taxpayer money, the more they want.

So that battle for your hearts and minds I have discovered is right there. They battle for the thoughts they want to put in our heads. The media is no longer reporting the news; they create it. It is the biggest propaganda machine that has ever been created. All we need is to look at the last mass murder in Las Vegas to see how vile and filled with hate the Media left is proudly showing every day and night 24/7. The Hurricane that hit Puerto Rico, the mayor wearing a hat and t-shirt that obviously was given to her and not made there, because they have no means to make such a display of partisanship in conjunction with the so-called media. The making of a Katrina for the destruction of the sitting President. The hate is so apparent that she followed up with a t-shirt that said “Nasty.”

I feel for the parents who must raise children these days. The colleges are full of Anarchists who want to start a civil war on November 4th. I saw my very first Anarchist here in Austin Texas the other day, he was a young man, and this is exactly the people the left is after. They for years have waged a silent war, filling the heads of children with lies and deceits about the right and what they believe. The battle was taken right there, because they know if you want to change a society you have to go after the youth. The lines have been drawn with bright red in the sand, and before us lies one of the hardest battles this country has ever faced since it was born. A battle from within. The only way to win this battle is to win the heart and minds of those who have been deceived. It will not be easy, anyone of you who have ever spoken with a liberal or an Anarchist knows it will not be about facts, it will be about emotion. Emotions are easier; they are affected by mere words, printed or spoken. I have been in such situations, and I know you’ll have been as well. The worst part is that when someone is in such a state, they cannot reason. All normal reason is thrown out, and the battle for the mind begins with insults and degrading comments.

It is all designed to beat down one’s opponent and seek the destruction of them. Thank God we have a man in the White House who does not conform to such attacks. President Donald Trump is and always five steps ahead of his opponents. This is what we must be as well. We need to know what the battle is for and what it will take to win the battle. It may take a generation or two, but it has to start at home and in the field. We must teach our children and raise them to the standards from our parent’s parents. The ones that said, respect your elders, love your neighbor, be kind to strangers, lead by example, give when the opportunity presents itself, give dignity to your fellow Americans, even the ones who do not deserve it, help the needy and do what Americans do best, Be a real American. Write and call your government officials, and above all do not vote for anyone who does not have your morals. If it has an R or  D by it and they have shown they will not fight for you as an American, then do not vote for them simply because you identify with them.


Lets let them know it is not business as usual anymore. We elect leaders not followers of an agenda that is not good for us Americans. Support and fund candidates who will support our President. Let’s not let the current Republican leadership continue to fight against the very issues we said voted yes to. Let’s band together in these groups and send a clear message; you can not have our hearts and minds anymore, we will be our people. Let’s make it clear that the old establishment games of who is deserving and who is next are no longer the game we play. Lets primary and support the primaries of the men and women who have held up this agenda and forced them to do as we wish and not the likes of big Pharmaceutical, too big to fail banks,  Wall Street as well as the career politicians and lobbyists. They have all driven us to the point of, “we no longer stand with you.” Mitch McConnell and  Paul Ryan have shown us that they no longer are working for our rights and our good.

I’ve heard it so many times, “It’s all in mind.” Well my mind has woken up, and I refuse to allow anyone to manipulate and tell me how I should run my life, and no one else should work as well. Stand up for what is right, and reward those who do right.

In Closing, this is my first post for my friends blog, I plan on others, but wanted to share a little of my life and progression, in hopes that anyone who has an ear can hear, and if you find yourself sticking to a party just because it has an R or a D, I hope that you too will come to the conclusion that the battle for your very mind, and if they can control it, they can control you. Free yourself and be a free thinker, Rush Limbaugh has taught me many things over the years, but the one thing I hold dear is he helped me to have the ability to be a free thinker. That is why we have such a beautiful instrument called the constitution, a group of free-thinking men penned the most prolific tool, in my opinion, to ever be written next to the bible.

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