Trump SURPRISES Fallen Soldier’s Family

Trump Surprises fallen soldier's family

After the death of Sargent Dillon Baldridge, President Trump gives the soldier’s family a check.

The check came out of Trump’s personal account in the amount of $25,000. In addition to the check, the president ordered an online fundraiser for the family. The family reported that the president promised the check over the summer during a phone call. During the phone call, Trump admitted to the family that this generosity was something no other president has done. This was truly a generous act, but some try to still extort this act.Trump Surprises Fallen Soldier's Family

Several news media attacked the president over the delay of the check. He promised to send the check over the summer, but it wasn’t sent till October 18th. The reason why the check was delayed was because he had to get it approved by his legal counsel.


Fox News:

The personal check was dated October 18 — the same day that the White House came out strongly against a Washington Post article claiming Trump failed to deliver. WTVD tweeted out a photo of the signed check Monday.

Chris Baldridge of Zebulon, North Carolina, told the Post that Trump promised him $25,000 of his own money when they spoke in the summer about the loss of his son, Army Sgt. Dillon Baldridge, killed in Afghanistan, but the check never came.

After Baldridge reportedly told Trump that only his ex-wife would benefit from the Pentagon’s $100,000 death gratuity, the president offered to help on his own.

This truly touched my heart. President Trump continues to show how big his heart is. He truly shows compassion for the families of fallen soldiers. He really cares about our troops.

Now I think it’s disgusting that the media tried to turn this story negative. Why would you try to turn a kind-hearted gesture into something nasty!? Shame on you liberal media! You knew Trump would send this check, but you wanted to hide it in order to paint a negative image of him. You continue to sink to new lows with fake news!

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