MUST READ: Nancy Pelosi Tries To Capitalize On Facebook Being Down!

Desperate Nancy Pelosi Is Trying Too Hard To Appease The Democratic Masses

In a desperate attempt to sway voters to support their failed agenda, Nancy Pelosi sent out a tweet promoting “A better deal” trying to capitalize on Facebook’s worldwide glitch. What? Exactly! It doesn’t make much sense except it just shows how desperate Democrats are to do and say whatever they can to gain support.

The Republican National Committee has outraised the DNC 10:1

For 2017, so far, the RNC has raised $75.4 million to the DNC’s $38.2 million.

Makes you wonder why the Democrats are so desperate to gain support. There are more registered Democrats than Republicans in America, but it seems the GOP can raise more money, and win more races. Chuck U Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are going to really vamp up the ads, and social media campaigns to win back the House and Senate for the Democrats. One problem, America doesn’t want them. The reason Trump won is due to the fact that America had 8 years of Barack Obama, and are fed up.




Instantly, she was called out for her blatant BULLSHIT!


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