RIDICULOUS: California Becomes First State To Recognize ‘Third Gender’

Third Gender

Jerry Brown didn’t just keep guns out of the hands of school officials this weekend

Brown also signed legislation that will recognize the third gender on all official documents.

California Is well known for their beautiful beaches and the Napa Valley Wineries. As of today, California will be known as the first state to legally recognize a third gender: “non-binary.” Kill me now. I’ve never understood why people want to be called non-binary. It doesn’t make any sense. If you’re born with a penis, then you’re male; if you were born with a vagina, then you’re a woman. There is nothing in between. Liberals want to change everything about the way we live so badly; they will even make up genders. I continue to believe this is a mental disorder and needs to be corrected immediately! Children already have a hard enough time growing up, coming to terms with who they are, and worrying about many vital issues. I’m becoming convinced every day that these circumstances are all based on sex and how to get off. It’s disgusting.


The Blaze

The new legislation will create a third gender option — “nonbinary” — for legal items such as birth certificates, identification cards, driver’s licenses, and more.

The law will not require a doctor’s statement nor will it require those wishing to legally change their gender to appear in court to file legal paperwork.

The law will also provide for minors who want to change their legal genders and who have parent or guardian permission to do so.

When did this start?

California’s Gender Recognition Act was proposed in January. The bill was crafted to “ensure that intersex, transgender, and nonbinary people have state-issued identification documents that provide full legal recognition of their accurate gender identity.”

After several amendments, the bill passed the Senate and the Assembly in September and subsequently sent to the governor.


The bill’s co-author, Sen. Toni Atkins (D), issued the following statement to Buzzfeed on the new law:

I want to thank Gov. Brown for recognizing how difficult it can be for our transgender, nonbinary, and intersex family members, friends, and neighbors when they don’t have an ID that matches their gender presentation. The Gender Recognition Act will eliminate unnecessary stress and anxiety for many Californians, and it exemplifies the leadership role that our state continues to take in LGBTQ civil rights.


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