NFL Player THREATENS President Trump! Where Is The Secret Service?


‘I hope he don’t be around when I see him’

Remember when sports players and other Hollywood leftists threatened President Obama? Neither do we! I find it extremely hilarious when Le Bron James came out and said that Trump voters are uneducated when in reality Queen James couldn’t even use correct grammar.

Let’s fast forward to this week when  Washington Redskins Josh Norman said ‘I hope he don’t be around when I see him’ when referring to President Trump. What a complete retard! The man can’t even speak correctly, but then again these are the type of people we make millionaires now. Un-educated idiots!



WOW! What the hell? This is what the American education system is teaching their students. This is correct grammar according to this thug. It’s amazing what this generation has become. Nothing more than pure thuggery. Why do we keep allowing these kinds of people to speak? Oh, wait, unlike leftists, we on the Right believe in the freedom of speech. However, threatening the President of the United States isn’t free speech. It’s illegal, and shouldn’t be tolerated. What exactly is this idiot going to do to our president? 
Washington Times Reported:

LANDOVER — Josh Norman was driving in his car when he received a text message, asking if he saw President Donald Trump’s comments about NFL players and protests. It was one of those moments where Norman stopped where he was and couldn’t believe what was said.

The president said NFL players deserved to be fired for protesting during the National Anthem and owners needed to “get that son of a bitch off the field.” Norman was stunned.

In a passionate conversation that lasted more than 20 minutes, Norman criticized the president, saying Trump wasn’t welcome in the District and didn’t speak for him.

Trump’s comments, Norman said, made him reflect on if he was really viewed as an American. He started to get choked up as he spoke.

“Am I really free?” Norman said. “I have to look at myself and think sometimes, like, ‘This is out here in the world.’ Little ones that grow up have to go through this, man. It’s so sad. It’s so sad. We have to. And the thing is, I promise you the next time, there is voting or anything about it, we’ll be the first in line. For whatever comes up. Because this right here

When will sports players start playing the game instead of shoving their political opinions down our throats? We don’t go to games to listen to them moan and groan about politics. They’re not paid to do that. They’re paid to entertain us. All these people need to do is be our little puppets, and dance. That’s what they’re paid millions of dollars to do. If they want to shove politics down everyone’s throats then they need to run for office and stop bringing it out on the field. This idiot better not come around me or else I’m going to show him what it’s like to get a Texas ass whopping via ” I feel threatened” and use my second amendment right to defend myself.

“He’s not welcome in Washington.” 

Normal also said that President Trump isn’t welcome in Washington. Last I checked, WE THE PEOPLE welcomed him to D.C. Not some dumbass football player that can’t even speak correctly.  President Trump doesn’t need your permission Joshy Poo. WE THE PEOPLE gave him permission. NOT YOU!

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Author: Ethan Sabo

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13 thoughts on “NFL Player THREATENS President Trump! Where Is The Secret Service?

  1. President Trump owns Washington….you need to get educated, learn how to speak correctly and appreciate the millions you get….you certainly are not earning them right now Grow up you Whitney Jagoff!

  2. And he went to college? Obviously in name only, he sure didn’t learn anything.

    This idiot should read “9 facts about slavery they don’t want you to know’.

    The facts are black men were the first slave owners in America.

  3. When you threaten the President of the United States that is a crime so my question is when and how long will it take for him and all the rest of these uneducated disrespectful STUPID morons going to get thrown in jail? Hey national homeland security where u Dr lol get it where u be that’s how he talks. But really we the people want these people that are there problem to be arrested.

  4. Respect our country. Make your money in football. Don’t bring politics to our game. Stand up during anthem. If you can’t…I hope you got a solid education in college.

  5. This article is great (comments, too) — at exposing how illiterate some parts of society have become and at tearing them a new one for it AND for being nasty to the president who just saved three black athletes from a Chinese jail. They’re all ungrateful thugs.

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