Check Out The 8 Prototypes Of Trump’s Border Wall In San Diego

Border Wall

If You Thought Hispanics Were Mad, Wait Until You See THIS! 

The Border Wall IS HAPPENING!

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Democrats still believe President Trump will NEVER have “The Wall” built. What they’re not telling you is it IS going to be built. A few miles from the Otay Mesa border in San Diego there is 8 towering concrete and steel structures standing more than 30 feet tall. These are just the prototypes to what’s going to be part of Trump’s Wall that’s going to help make America Great Again. The wall will cost around 21 billion dollars. Many of you claim that’s not acceptable, that it’s too much money. I’ve got news for you. If you took away the funding of other countries that make up BILLIONS of dollars, then there is no reason why we could fund the wall IN FULL, and tax the hell out of Mexicans good going and coming from Mexico. Hell, that’s how you MAKE MEXICO PAY FOR IT! It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out.

America is being overrun with illegal aliens flooding into her borders. Many are human traffickers, and drug smugglers. Recently there was a report of a million dollars worth of methamphetamines. Hundreds of thousands of underage girls and boys have been smuggled into America for and sold as sex slaves. Liberals ignore all of this. They try to say it’s young men and women wanting to come to this country for a better opportunity. I call it B.S. Yeah, they’re coming over here. To suck off the taxpayers, rake in millions in welfare, and have their little anchor babies for free. Screw that. DEPORT EVERY SINGLE ILLEGAL ALIEN IN THIS COUNTRY!

Border Wall

Reuters Reports:

Still, border patrol officials on Monday welcomed the momentum on Trump’s pledge, which generated a groundswell of voter support that helped elect him to office.

“Our current infrastructure is well over two decades old,” Roy Villareal, deputy chief patrol agent of the U.S. Border Patrol’s San Diego sector, said during a tour with media organizations on Monday morning. “Is there need for improvement? Absolutely.”

Currently, 654 miles (1,052 km) of the 1,900-mile border with Mexico is fenced, with single, double or triple fences. The second line of fencing in San Diego, about 18 feet tall, has been breached nearly 2,000 times in the last three years, Villareal said.


Border Wall

Answer: THE WALL

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