Obama Officials Spent UNGODLY Amounts Of Money On Air Travel


Imagine If Trump Officials Did The Same?

The Obama administration knew exactly how to waste the taxpayer’s money. Barack Obama himself is guilty of spending millions on luxury parties, and vacations for himself, and his cabinet. Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with having nice state dinners and entertaining foreign guests. That’s the American way, but what you’re about to read is MIND BLOWING.

Daily Caller Reports:

Former heads of the Department of the Interior spent $971,643 chartering non-commercial flights over a six year period, according to documents obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Former Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar spent $586,196 on non-commercial flights over three years. Salazar took 48 such trips from 2010 to 2012 on Interior Department-owned and chartered aircraft, according to travel records.

Salazar’s successor, former Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell, took 33 trips on non-commercial flights from 2013 to 2016. Jewell’s flights cost $385,438, according to Interior Department records prepared for congressional investigators.

$972, 000 dollars on non-commerical flights? To where? Vacations and flying family members around the world. Must be nice right? I wish I could take my family around the world and not have to worry about the costs. This is why we must pass new laws that limit the cash flow to government officials. They do not need a credit card with no limit. This is mind blowing, right? Salazar must have had a blast.

Zinke has spent $72,849 on non-commercial flights so far in 2017, including one $8,066 trip on an Interior Department-owned aircraft, according to records. Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price resigned in September after it came to light he spent $400,000 on non-commercial flights since May.

Zinke is a sleazeball either way. It doesn’t surprise me that he would spend this much. I also believe that the planes the government owns should be grounded unless it is official government business.


Salazar, who took over the Department of the Interior in January 2009, spent $208,245 on non-commercial flights in 2010. Salazar took 16 trips on private planes and government-owned aircraft. All of those trips were signed off by Interior Department’s solicitor or deputy solicitor.

Jewell, who was confirmed in April 2013, spent $101,846 for 12 trips on non-commercial flights using government-owned aircraft or chartered flights. The next year, Jewell spent $122,259 on non-commercial flights.

It’s also reported and is being investigated why Salazar spent more than $12,000 on flights to Las Vegas. Makes you wonder how much of our taxpayer dollars went into the slot machines in Vegas, and all around the world. If I had just a quarter of the money these people spent, I wouldn’t have to worry about making my mortgage every month. I would go ahead and pay it off, and start saving for retirement. These people just swipe the card and keep going. No wonder the American people elected Donald Trump. We’re tired of all the BS like this.


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