NRA-TRUMP Blamed for Vegas Shooting by The Left. What about Obama?

Vegas Shooting

Leftists were QUICK to blame the gun. What’s new?

Instead of blaming the shooter, they’re blaming the GUN. GO figure!

Remember when leftists never blamed President Obama for mass shootings? Well, leftists like Piers Morgan, and many others are doing just that. Of course, they’re blaming the NRA as well!  It’s insane, right? Do these people even have brains? Hell no they don’t! We all knew it was going to get worse once we found out a white man did this. Leftists are always quick to claim that white men are the biggest threat to America, yet in reality, if you take a trip to the Middle East, and see the people that are flooding to this country it will send a chill up your spine. Plus, let’s look at who’s actually coming? Men! Where are the women and children? Totally off topic. Why didn’t the Left blame Obama for Sandy Hook, Aurora, and all the other shootings that happened under his administration? Hell, where is the LGBTQLMNOP community during the Pulse shooting? No blame for Obama. Just the NRA. Now, it’s the NRA and Trump!

The terrorist that just murdered 50+ people is a part of many Anti-Trump Facebook groups, and like the last white shooter was a communist. I’m not putting the blame on CNN’s rhetoric, but yeah.

Let’s go ahead, and tie them to Islam. Don’t get me wrong. I can’t believe his wife is a believer in Islam, but they did visit Dubai recently.

Dan Sessions Reported:

It seems from the screenshot that Danley was there accompanying a friend who was visiting her son, who presumably worked there.








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