Hollyweirdo Statsky ‘Support Trump, Your Children Should Be Taken Away’

‘Support Trump, Your Children Should Be Taken Away’

Apparently, the newest claim by leftists is that you should have your children taken away from you if you voted for President Trump. Does this fall under the new health care law? If you remember, if a physician feels that your child is being abused, they can take your child without your consent, and turn them over to the state. Jen Statsky, the writer for shows like Parks, and Rec, and the  Jimmy Fallon show and other Hollyweirdos support this insane idea. I thought leftists didn’t believe in Nazism? 


What really makes me laugh is how they worship Fascism/Nazism. Anyone that believes/feels differently automatically should be killed, kids taken away, jailed, or just flat out beaten. That’s the message people from Antifa, and the Left have been shouting in the streets, and on TV since one of the greatest men took the oval office, and gave it back to the American people. Leftism is cancer. Straight up. They support REAL Nazism and are doing everything in their power to push their agenda on us. The election of Donald Trump finally brought out these idiots, and we’re on the winning end. Statsky doesn’t know what struggle is. She’s never had to experience it due to her millionaire status. She makes more money in one day than the majority of Detroit families in an entire year. Who’s with the American people, and who isn’t? At least Donald Trump has a relationship with most of his staff, and actually, takes care of them. Hollywood would never do that. They just hire the help and then complain once they leave. Have you ever seen an episode of the Real Housewives? Don’t. It’s disgusting. If you’re fed up with people like this female dog then feel free to TWEET HER! Let her know how you feel. Flag every last one of her hateful tweets, and make sure her limousine-liberal ass understands that WE THE PEOPLE support our president. 

The Daily Caller:

A number of Hollywood members have wished violence on Donald Trump and his supporters since the election.

Kathy Griffin once stood with an effigy of Donald Trump, beheaded and bloody. Griffin maintains she “didn’t do anything wrong.” (RELATED: Violence And Intimidation Against Republicans Are Becoming The New Normal)

Madonna also previously stated that she had “thought a lot about blowing up the White House.”

And an “Orange Is The New Black” actress Lea DeLaria threatened to “take out every f**king republican and independent I see” after the election, adding the hashtags, “#fuckstraightwhiteamerica” and “#fucktheGOP.”






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  1. Rather then worrying about Trump supporters, she should spend her energy on doing something about the sexual abuse and rampant pedophelia in herown industry? Or is she one of them that abuse?

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