‘MAKE AMERICA NAZI-FREE AGAIN’: Leftist Game Targets The Right!



I tell you this. What it must be like to be a leftist in America during a Trump presidency. The Left claims they will do everything in their power to “resist.” It seems now, they’re making video games depicting the American Right as Nazis. Didn’t Hillary Clinton, and many another leftist claim that if Trump didn’t accept the election results that it was “un-American?” Why yes they did! So at what point does it make any sense to keep allowing these people to keep doing what they’re doing? It doesn’t make ANY SENSE AT ALL! Then again, they’re protected by the very same thing they hate, the First Amendment.



A bunch of leftist blogs is claiming that members of the Alt-right are complaining about the game, and saying crap like: 

“Nazi Pissboys Are Crying Over a New Game Where You Murder Nazis”:


Thread: Nazi-killing game ‘wolfenstein ii’ angers nazis with ‘make america nazi-free again’

The alt-right is upset about a conversation between Nazis in ‘Wolfenstein 2’


I have never, and will never support real Nazism. The Left doesn’t have a clue what Nazism even is. Today’s kids think Nazis are Republican and not Germans that murdered millions of Blacks, Jews, and Gays! It doesn’t make any sense. So what do you think about this game?

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