Liberals Trying To UNDERMINE American Democracy

Liberals Undermine the American Democracy

Since Hilary Clinton’s loss in the 2016 election, there is a new push from liberals that would undermine American democracy as we know it.

The plan, that would undermine our democracy, is to change how the Electoral College awards votes. Professor Lawrence Lessig, who is a professor at Harvard University, is the one who is pushing for these changes. He was a potential nominee for the Democrats in the 2016 election. He claims the Electoral College violates the 14th Amendment, and he plans to take this to the Supreme Court if they are willing to hear it.

Professor Lessig wants to see a proportional system in the Electoral College. This Lbarls Undermine American Democracymeans if candidate A gets 45% of the vote in state A, he gets 45% of the electoral votes in that state. This differs from our winner take all system. Professor Lessig claims that this new method will equalize voting so everyone will have a say.

Experts believe this new method would lead to a rise in third party candidates. It would be easier for third party candidates to receive electoral votes because they get a portion of votes. The current system makes it hard for third party candidates to get electoral votes because it is a winner take all system. Third party candidates tend to receive low vote counts in each state.


Fox News:

A liberal-led push to overhaul the Electoral College could be moving from the op-ed pages to the courtroom, as a Harvard professor who flirted with a dark-horse Democratic presidential bid last year vows litigation to change the system.

Criticism of the Electoral College was resurgent in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 loss. Clinton recently said she wants the system “eliminated.” The latest effort isn’t aimed at dismantling the structure entirely – but rather, the winner-take-all system used by 48 states in awarding electors, which ends up focusing presidential races on a handful of battlegrounds.

Lessig, who was very briefly a Democratic candidate for president for the 2016 cycle, insists this isn’t a partisan endeavor and will consist of at least two separate lawsuits. If he were to beat the odds and prevail, the kind of overhaul he seeks could have mixed results — theoretically allowing Democrats to pick up electoral votes in deep-red territory and Republicans to win electors in deep-blue states like California and New York.

The current system undoubtedly concentrates campaign spending. Just 14 battleground states saw 99 percent of ad spending and 95 percent of candidate visits for campaign purposes in 2016, according to Equal Citizens.

David Boies, who was the lead counsel for former Vice President Al Gore in the Bush v. Gore Supreme Court case in 2000, and Richard Painter, the chief White House ethics attorney under President George W. Bush, are part of the legal team for the case.

I laughed so hard when I heard this. Liberals are such sore losers. Get over it! Clinton lost! My goodness this is getting so pathetic. Trump won fair and square, but liberals are still crying foul. Changing the Electoral College is just undermining democracy. Liberals are saying your vote only counts if you vote for them. It’s no wonder why they lost.

Trump just appealed to people a lot better than Clinton did. I voted for Trump because I knew he could get things done. I was tired of 8 years of complete bullcrap. Everyone knew Clinton was going to be exactly like Obama. Nobody wanted that. Liberals need to suck it up and accept that Trump won the election.


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