Kaepernick Claims He’ll Stand For Anthem If He Can Play Again!

Wait, what? I thought Kaepernick was a man of honor and would do whatever he could to make sure America wakes up to the horrors of racist America? Oh, wait, APPARENTLY, he only said that so he, and his girlfriend could get some publicity, and try to become “famous’ in the political world.Kaepernick Kaepernick now sees that it backfired on him, and he can’t find any work. No NFL team wants to deal with a washed up Anti-American has- been. The AP reported that Kaepernick told CBS that he would stand for the national anthem if he was able to play in the NFL again. I don’t think he’s serious. I feel that he wants to get back on the field so he can kneel, and make another political statement. It should be in his contract that if he kneels that he will be kicked off the team indefinitely. There isn’t a place for disrespect for our flag in the United States Of America!



Fox News:

The protests spread this season after the former San Francisco 49er was unable to sign on with another team.

“After sitting down with Colin Kaepernick for several hours, @JasonLaCanfora says the QB is still actively trying to play in the NFL,” NFLonCBS tweeted Sunday.

Bleacher Report Says:

Kaepernick is likely the most qualified quarterback remaining on the open market. He threw for 2,241 yards and 16 touchdowns against four interceptions in 2016 as one of the few bright spots in an ugly San Francisco 49ers season. While not the superstar some thought he’d be, Kaepernick is a fine pocket passer who keeps defenses honest with his rushing ability.

Numerous players—including Tom Brady, Richard Sherman and Aaron Rodgers—have said Kaepernick deserves to be on an NFL roster.

“What happened to Indianapolis. You saying they couldn’t use Kaepernick,” Sherman said in a Players’ Tribune video after Week 1. “That’s crazy talk. But it’s unfortunate that a man is unemployed right now who’s a pretty good ballplayer. Won his fair share of ballgames, and there are lesser-talented guys employed because they didn’t stand up for a cause.”

Kaepernick has not said much publicly, and La Canfora’s report was the closest anyone has got to hearing from the 29-year-old.

The Tennessee Titans, who lost quarterback Marcus Mariota to a hamstring injury in Week 4, reportedly did not have interest in Kaepernick when his representatives reached out. Instead, they signed 2012 first-round pick Brandon Weeden.

Weeden is 6-19 as a starter in his career.


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