Illegal Immigrant BLOCKED From Abusing Our Healthcare System

Immirgrant Blocked from Using Healthcare

The Federal Appeals court has temporarily blocked an illegal immigrant from using our healthcare to obtain an abortion.

The illegal immigrant goes by “Jane Doe.” The courts will not release her country of origin or her name. Jane Doe is seeking to use our healthcare to receive an abortion after she crossed the border illegally. When she crossed the border, she realized she was fifteen weeks pregnant. The pregnant 17-year-old is residing in a Texas Detention Center. In the state of Texas, however, abortion is illegal after 20 weeks. Even though the court temporarily blocked her abortion, they left a door open for her to obtain one still.

In the courts’ ruling, the teen has till October 31st to find a sponsor. A sponsor is usually a relative that is a U.S. citizen. If she is able to find a sponsor, she can receive an abortion legally. This ruling was backed by several Republican judges.

Immigrant blocked from Healthcare

Fox News:

A federal appeals court in Washington ruled Friday to temporarily block a pregnant teenager who entered the United States illegally from having the abortion she is seeking.

The teen, who goes by “Jane Doe” in court documents and whose country of origin has been withheld, crossed into the U.S. in September and learned she was pregnant while in custody. A lower court ruled earlier this week that she should be able to obtain an abortion Friday or Saturday, but the government appealed

Judge Brett Kavanaugh, who was appointed by George W. Bush, suggested that releasing the teen to a sponsor would seem to be the best option. That, he said, would get the teen out of the facility where she is being held, allow her to obtain an abortion and leave the government out of it. Brigitte Amiri, a lawyer for the ACLU representing the girl, said a sponsor hadn’t yet been found and that the process could take months. At least one potential sponsor has fallen through.

The third judge on the panel, Judge Patricia Millett, who was appointed by a Democrat, President Barack Obama, would have allowed the girl to obtain an abortion as the lower court ruled earlier this week. Millett wrote that the girl “has already been forced by the government to continue an unwanted pregnancy for almost four weeks, and now, as a result of this order, must continue to carry that pregnancy for multiple more weeks.

I am glad that they blocked her from having an abortion. Abortion is a sin! She should have thought of using protection or keeping her damn legs closed. Why are all these damn immigrants coming to this country and abusing our healthcare? Isn’t it their government’s responsibility to take care of them?Immigrant Blocked from our Healthcare

However, I disagree with the courts who still gave her a chance to abuse our healthcare system.She needs to be shipped back to where she came from! She should never have received our healthcare. We need to put our foot down! Enough is enough! Why do we have to tend to them? Our healthcare system is already total crap so why continue to add to the problem?

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