Idiot Rapper Claims Whites Are ‘The Reason Why Guns Are a Problem’

Rapper Claims

White People Are ‘The Reason Why Guns Are A Problem’


Brandon Christopher McCartney, aka “Lil B,” is a rapper from Berkley, California (Berkley known for the ‘Free Speech Movement.’ The march was a massive, long-lasting student protest which took place during the 1964–65 academic year on the University of California, Berkeley. The Movement was informally under the central leadership of Berkeley graduate student Mario Savio. Today, free speech does not exist at Berkley unless for conservatives. Only PC leftists have a right to free speech.), who went on a tangent on how white people are the leading cause of gun violence in America. His racially sensitive tweets indicate the issue was not about statistics, but skin color. McCartney also calls himself The BasedGod. Brandon has a God Complex. Do not be like Brandon. We have been warned many times before about fake Gods. Only our Father in heaven is God. McCartney received some significant backlash for his comments. 

Who can honestly wrap their head around that? It is a fact that Black on Black crime is the leading cause of black deaths in America. Chicago alone has more Black on Black crime than any other city in America. Detriot, St. Louis, New Orleans, Oakland, Birmingham, all Democrat-controlled cities with HIGH Black On Black homicide rate. Still, White people and the police are the problems. We call this, Cultural Marxism 

The Blaze:

In a series of inflammatory tweets Monday, hours after the Las Vegas shooting, Rapper Lil B — real name Brandon McCartney — accused “white people” of being the “reason why guns are a problem.”

What did he say?

McCartney, to his 1 million-plus followers, wrote, “White people so scared they the reason why guns are a problem if white people put down the gunz [sic] we all be safe but nope! They vilent [sic].

After receiving backlash from his comments, McCartney embarked on a rant comprised of many tweets supporting his theory.

“Lets [sic] talk about how secretly these harmless looking white people with tight pants suits [sic] and glasses are pushing passive violence!” he continued. “Lets [sic] talk about how this suburban 7th heaven [sic] looking white people sell drugs in college and are OK with violence on all levels!!”



Rapper Claims

Just in Chicago, the black-on-black crime is THROUGH THE ROOF, but white people are to blame, correct? I am always so baffled by the Left and how they think. What about St. Louis? Is it not the United States murder capital, and yet, where is Black Lives Matter or this rapper guy? Why are they not in these communities stopping gun violence? I believe white people are the fall guys here. They will take the bullet and become the most hated race, so BLM and the rest can walk free and live guilt-free. Here is something else that’s funny. The majority of black Americans do NOT think the way BLM thinks. I have talked to many, and they all say the same thing. “White people are not the problem, it is our people killing each other,” and I agree with it. I do not knock that whites do not kill blacks, or blacks do not kill whites. Humans kill humans. Want to stop racism? Could you stop talking about it? It is simple. No law will stop it; only we as Americans can put a stop to it. There is no peace without law and order.



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