Hillary Clinton SUPPORTS Anti-American Terrorist!

Clinton continues on her downward spiral to nothingness as she now supports anti-American terrorists.

Hillary Clinton came forward on Sunday admitting that she supports the NFL players who kneel during the national anthem. She claims that it’s a peaceful way to protest for people who believe the justice system is supposedly unfair. She continues to urge Democrats to fight Trump and resist his words.

Trump responded earlier today to Hillary Clinton’s comment. He said the comment is the reason why she lost the election in 2016. He went on to say that her comment was a big disrespect to this country. He also continues to support her to run in the 2020 election as he knows he’ll be victorious once again.


Fox News:

Hillary Clinton on Sunday defended NFL players who knelt during the national anthem, saying kneeling is a “reverent” position that is not against “our anthem or our flag.”

The former Democratic presidential candidate, who was at the Southbank Centre’s London Literature Festival, urged Democrats to use the issue against President Trump.

She said people should resist “what are very clear dog-whistles” to the Trump base, pointing to the example of kneeling NFL players.

“That’s what black athletes kneeling was all about,” she said in response to a question about ways to resist the White House. ”That’s not against our anthem or our flag.”

“Actually, kneeling is a reverent position,” she continued. “It was to demonstrate in a peaceful way against racism and injustice in our criminal system.”

Clinton urged the Democratic Party to continue to “resist” the president, saying “I think it would be a grave error for Democrats to recede from those fights, so therefore we have to stand up, fight back, resist.”


Fox News:

President Trump hammered Hillary Clinton on Monday for her defense of NFL players protesting the national anthem, saying that kind of “thinking” is why she lost the election.

As for the NFL debate, Trump said Monday that “there’s plenty of time to do knees, and there’s plenty of time to do lots of other things,” but remained consistent in his stance that “sitting” or “taking a knee” is disrespectful to the country.

The White House-NFL feud has dominated the headlines for weeks. Trump spurred the controversy during a rally in Alabama last month, when he called for players to be fired if they disrespected the flag, drawing criticism from NFL players and even NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Hillary Clinton is the nastiest woman I have ever seen. Donald Trump was 100% accurate by calling her one. What kind of person supports anti-American views? How can someone like that ever be president? Kneeling during the national anthem is the greatest disrespect you can show to a country. People who are kneeling might as well rip the flag up and wipe themselves with it because, to me, it’s the same thing!

Clinton Supportd terroristsThe national anthem is to pay respect to the soldiers who have sacrificed their lives to keep our freedom. It’s this freedom that lets you liberals act like fools. So maybe next time you think about kneeling during the national anthem, you should think about what it really stands for.



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